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Boots the Blessed Previews New Album with Single “Damn Shame”


Texas artist Boots the Blessed has arrived with the first single off his forthcoming project.

Boots the Blessed’s newest record, titled Ember’s burning Through The Witching Hour, or just “Embers Burning” for short, will be dropping at a date to be determined later this year. The album will be Boots’ first since 2016, and with his new song, “Damn Shame”, we get an excellent taste of what’s in store. Learn more about Boots’ new song, his background, and find the pre order link below!

The last time we heard a project from Boots the Blessed was back in July of 2016, when Boots dropped Cloudy With A Chance for Peace Of Mind. Now, with this new single, “Damn Shame” Boots the Blessed recruits a smooth vocalist in Kydd Jones, adding another layer to an already highly detailed record.

Boots theBlessed is a producer with a heavy percussionist background, and was subject to all sorts of musical genres while growing up. He explains;

“Previous to producing, I played drums in a hardcore/ metal core band…” Continuing, “…The first album I ever owned was ‘E. 1999 Eternal’ (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)… More oddly, as a kid I was fed mostly country from my mom, with a little oldies here and there when I had the chance to see my dad from time to time.” As boots explains, it’s clear he had a multifaceted upbringing that continues to reflect in his work today.

With “Damn Shame”, Boots the Blessed supplies the background for a slower trap rap ballad, where Kydd Jones supplies storytelling, both artists do their part to paint a visual the whole song through. “Damn Shame” was produced by Boots the Blessed himself, and was also mixed and mastered by Kydd Jones and Jaehross.

“Damn Shame” is a wicked track, aided by haunting horns, remorseful violins, and a bursting background chorus.

Since debuting on the scene, Boots has put out an impressive catalog of music, including a six song EP, as well as a handful of other uploads, most recently, the track “…finals…” Often, Boots maneuvers percussive kicks under colorful and dreamy synthesizers, creating a synth-hop style of song. What’s most intriguing, is how well Boots tempers a background of metal and hard rock performing into a soothing and at times abstract soundscape — showcasing a special dynamic Boots the Blessed withholds.

You can likely find Boots the Blessed on your platform of choice, so follow the links below to get in touch. “Damn Shame” and Boots theBlessed’s upcoming album, Ember’s burning Through The Witching Hour, due for release in late summer 2018, will all be available on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play. Also be sure to watch out for dedicated music videos coming soon to Boots’ YouTube channel!

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