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In the notorious words of Meek Mill, “hold on wait a minute…y’all thought i was finished”?? Quite the opposite! ‘Lit Late Night’ is officially back to bring you more fire for your late nights (pun intended of course). The playlist will be on the same day each week like it was previously, on Thursdays.  To remind the listener of the concept of this playlist, it is meant to be the soundtrack to your festivities at night for the weekend. What would you listen to before and on the way to a function/party? How about when you and your friends are riding around at night and want some bangers to listen to? These songs in the playlist are here to put you in the “nightly” spirit and inspire a turn-up.  Like before, there is a mixture of newer artists as well as more established ones, for more variety. Some of the newer artists will be mentioned below with their names, cities, twitter handles and SoundCloud links. Support the artists you listen to and fav/like/share/retweet the playlist to share good music. Also, follow @emceenetwork on SoundCloud. Without further delay, it’s time to turn the volume up and get ‘Lit Late Nite’!


Flint, MI

Fresno, CA

Weston, FL

Northern Neck, VA

HighRoller DP
Detroit, MI

Fort Myers, FL

London, England

Charlene Joan
Tampa, FL

$hea Butta
Bronx, NY

Rayge, aka Ray Huff always has his eyes and ears on the streets. Music and all it encapsules is his passion; that paired with his affinity for sharing information is why he's on the EMCEE team. Currently, he has the role of being an A&R for @AliasOfficial15, @vtliendesign and @Bili_Rose. Also, Ray is a Social Media Director for EMCEE Network and writing contributor. Rayge does music reviews as well. He is a man of many interests and is active with pushing the culture of not only the city of Detroit, but also for the youth in general.

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