Home News A Week In Review: April 11th – April 18th, 2018

A Week In Review: April 11th – April 18th, 2018



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The Good: Nanny Found Guilty In Double Homicide

This week a jury read Yoselyn Ortega her fate after she murdered two children in her care in October of 2012. Marina Krim, the mother of Lucia and Leo Krim (6 and 2 years old), came home to find the two children stabbed to death in their Manhattan home. The trial lasted almost seven weeks where lead prosecutor Stuart Silberg unveiled the gruesome details of the killings convincing jurors to convict the former nanny who was initially treated like family, to life in prison. Kevin Krim, the father of the two children, recalls joining Ortega’s family while on vacation in the Dominican Republic and still can’t believe the tragedy that struck his family came from someone so close. Since the incident, both parents have been active online sharing their gruelling experience; balancing their darkest moments with news of two newborns, Felix and Linus who’ve added life and love to their already unbreakable family. Despite their horrific experience, the Krim family is focused on moving forward and not only supporting each other, but other parents who’ve been the victims of violent crimes with the Lulu & Leo fund. Their blog can be found at: littlemisslucia.livejournal.com


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The Bad: Golden State Killer Still At Large

As Hollywood begins to circle around the story that has puzzled California authorities for years, details of the ‘Golden State murderer” and rapist are being revealed with investigators calling the attacks “cold and violent.” The unidentified attacker is believed to have committed over 45 rapes and a dozen murders, preying on women and couples in California for decades. Due to the lack of identifying evidence such as fingerprints or DNA, police and FBI have had their hands tied in making any arrests. However, police believe they have obtained usable DNA from a crime scene and simply need a match. Although the FBI has offered a $50,000 reward for any information on the suspect, still no arrests have been made making the unknown outlaw an ongoing cold case.


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The Good: MTV Plans To Bring Back “YO! MTV Raps”

Even though MTV has fallen out of the conversation of Hip-Hop over the past decade, the popular entertainment brand seems to throwing their hat back in the ring with their announcement that they will be bringing back the classic show that began in 1988 “YO! MTV Raps”. The show which featured upcoming rap artists was successful in the late 80’s and early 90’s in bringing rap to the forefront of mainstream media but suffered an hiatus since it’s epoch. MTV said it will: “reinvent the franchise for a new generation.” MTV has been taking strives over the past several years to become more culturally relevant even reviving Fear Factor with rapper, actor and entrepreneur Ludacris. With established and new competitors like Revolt, Complex and Vice, it will be interesting to see how MTV fairs among the new generation of media moguls.

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The Bad: Tristan Thompson Dragged For Cheating On Pregnant Khloé Kardashian  

This week it came to light that Cleveland Cavaliers player and father to be Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloé Kardashian who’s currently pregnant with their daughter. The controversy split over to Thompson’s professional career when he was booed at a game this week against the New York Knicks with one fan even brandishing a “We Love Khloé” sign. The scandal went live when a photo of Thompson kissing a women who has been identified as Lani Blair was posted online by the Daily Mail media outlet. An insider told US Weekly that Khloé was blindsided by the revelations and was beside herself upon hearing the news. In addition to the shade Thompson received at the game, social media played a roll in damning his actions and came to Khloé’s defense offering support and well wishes on moving forward with her pregnancy.     


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The Good: Syrian Children Exchange War For Play

As Trump continues to tweet and Russia continues to support the ongoing conflict in Eastern Ghouta, stories of hope have begun to rise through the ashes of chemical warfare and insistent airstrikes. At the Harjala camp, a government run shelter outside of Damascus, children can been seen playing on rooftops and enjoying small rations of food with their families after escaping the war ravaged city. “I used to eat once a day,” says 13-year-old Mohammed Abed, a comment which sparked a light hearted response from 14-year-old Abdullah Jamal who replies: “Wow, that’s great! I only ate once every three days.” Although residents of Ghouta are grateful for their refuge in neighboring Damascus, much work and planning is still required to effectively remove them from the fringes of society. Citizenship documents and even marriage licenses still need to be verified by the government. Although media outlets have blamed the Syrian government for the conflict’s ongoing damage, individuals in Syria have blamed rebel leaders for their role in the war claiming rebels have extorted families, forcing men to either join the rebellion or be killed. The Syrian government has allowed several media giants such as CNN to report on the war allowing the world an insight on one of the planet’s most confusing and tumultuous current events.    

Source: Cnn.com

The Bad: Puerto Rico Continues To Suffer From Hurricane Maria

Even though major efforts have been made to restore power and normality to Puerto Rico, the island suffered another setback this past week with a island wide power outage. The incident sparked a conversation online that wasn’t active on mainstream media that revealed Puerto Rico has been dealing with faulty infrastructure since hurricane Maria. Authorities say that an operator mistake caused the malfunction, however power was restored in 24-36 hours with a focus on hospitals, banks and water pumping systems. “Seven months after Maria, we are back where Maria left us,” said Cynthia Garcia Coll, a professor at Carlos Albizu University in San Juan, in an email to CNN. Residents and relatives living throughout the U.S. took to social media to express their concern and frustration as the outage came only weeks after another outage left hundreds of thousands of people without power after a tree fell distributing electricity throughout the island.



Congratulations, You Played Yourself

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Police Try To Blame Missing Marijuana On Stoner Mice

Police in Pilar, Argentina were summoned to court after 1000 pounds of marijuana went missing after a drug raid. Javer Specia, the city’s former police commissioner and three other officers told jurists and a judge that the missing marijuana must have been eaten by mice, however prosecutors retorted, claiming that mice wouldn’t mistaken marijuana for food. “Buenos Aires University experts have explained that mice wouldn’t mistake the drug for food, and that if a large group of mice had eaten it, a lot of corpses would have been found in the warehouse,” a spokesperson for the judge said. The police involved in the incident have all been fired and may face charges next month.


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Man Snitches On Himself, Gets Arrested

A Florida man was placed under arrest after he offered footage of himself robbing a store. 25 year old Xavier Moran told police that he was in an separate unrelated traffic accident and offered his dash cam as evidence. After Moran signed a consent form police reviewed the footage which showed Moran and another suspect using a baseball bat to burglarize a local beauty shop. Moran was immediately placed under arrest.    


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