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B$UPERIOR: Influences, Going to Jail, & The Future


19-year old artist, B$UPERIOR, originally from Monterrey, Mexico but currently resides in Austin, Texas has the new-age rap sound people love and old-heads love to hate. In his music, he speaks a lot on trapping and drugs, but don’t be fooled, the lyrics aren’t just fillers. Get in tune and learn more about the upcoming artist below:


For those of us who are not at all familiar with you, tell us a little bit about yourself.

B: I have a violent side but I could also be the opposite if I wanted to. The same goes for my music. I have that sound that gets you up and makes you want to do something crazy. I can be real funny on a song or real clever too. I have a style that’s weird, a lot won’t understand.

What got you started into making music?

B: I was with a friend of mine and he had a studio and I would chill there often. One day, I started freestyling and he wanted me to record a song. I didn’t want to at first, but then I ended up doing it. I never dropped that song, but I thought about making music a lot more so that’s where I began with it.

What or who are your musical influences?

B: I like all types of music but my musical influences would be The Ramones, Black Kray, and Kurt Cobain.


What song of yours would you show someone who has never heard of you and why?

B: I would show them an unreleased song called “Running Man” because the quality is great. It’s one of my favourites and seems to be a lot of people’s that I’ve shown my music to. The beat is so hard and quality just makes it so clean.

With so many artists out there trying to make it, what sets you apart from the rest?

B: The thing that sets me apart from a lot of local artists is that I am actually living the life I rap about. I’m not one of these rappers who are just talking about it but not really doing it. Most of these rappers are just internet kids, you may hear about them online but not really in the streets. I’m actually out in the scene.

You recently just got released from jail. What happened?

B: Long story short, my friend and I got pulled over. They found a pound of marijuana in the car, five grams of cocaine, and Xanax. They hit me with manufacturing delivery of controlled substance, first degree felony. I’m only out because of a PR bond.


Will we be hearing a “First Day Out” Freestyle?

B: Maybe, if I get the time to do so.

I saw the “Free B$UPERIOR” Playlist. How did it feel knowing your friends had your back like that?

B: I feel so great having a set of friends who actually support what you do. It shows who your true friends are. I’m happy to have a good team behind my back.

And lastly, what should we be expecting from you in the near future?

B: Expect the best of me this year. Expect wild memories, crazy shows, and great opportunities. 2018 is a year for success so expect more music. Definitely my first project and better quality than ever. Expect more features. You will hear more from me.

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