South Florida artist Tristan Oliver gets personal with his new single, You and Me and talks in depth with Elly Kaya about his music. Get into the interview and listen to You and Me on your preferred streaming platform below:



Tell us a little bit about yourself as an artist for those who aren’t familiar with you.
Of course. I started doing music when I was 19, you could call me a late bloomer. I started with a rap group until our break-up pushed me to make the choice to go solo. I’ve been pursuing my career for about seven years now.

Would you say this song is true to your style? Describe your style for us.
I’ve only been this deep on a few records I have done. For me to take the approach I did with “You and Me“ the beat had to really take me to place that was humbling and authentic. My style is being true to myself in the moment. Which I think is only way to really be happy.

This song seems pretty personal, talking about your goals and dreams and real issues in your life. What do you want people to take away from this song?
What I want people to take away from the song is that they are not alone in the battle of peace of mind. However that may look, you may be in a place where you don’t see an out. All the shit you’re going through is for a reason and you have to keep going.

Who produced this track?
You and Me was produced by Yondo Music. I found his page on YouTube when I was in my beat listening mode. 

I feel like there is a very 90’s feel to this song, even a little Tupac inspired sound in the hook, what inspired you here?
It’s funny that you said Tupac. I’ve always been told that I sound like him on records. Of course I never hear it, but everyone’s ear is different. The beat inspired me to be deep on this song, be truly vulnerable and finally let people know how I feel.

What got you started in the rap game, and what direction do you plan on taking your talent?
Honestly I would have to say Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco. I loved rapping but the things that I found interesting weren’t cool to rap about. Lupe rapped about skate boarding and anime cartoons and his metaphors were a godsend. Kanye brought the creative vibe with his production that I always loved as a kid.

When can we expect more music from you? Do you have any plans to drop an EP soon?
Oh yes more music is coming singles wise. I’m always working on a project, and once I have been established with a community of supporters I’ll release it.

What artists inspire your music?
Will Smith, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Jay-Z to name few.

Who’s a new artist out that you would love to do a collaboration with?
If I have to pick one artist It would have to be SZA.

Do you feel like your music is similar or different from the other new hip-hop emerging out of south Florida? Why?
I feel like it’s completely different. The wave of South Florida artists that are popular is not like my sound. Mainly because I’m older and have a different outlook on things, people, and life. But I still love the So Flo sound that is booming right now.

Tristan is an advocate for working with other creatives in South Florida and is all about bringing people together with his music. He’s photographed above in Fort Lauderdale apparel brand B.E.Z. Stylz, while the cover art for You and Me was designed by Miami-based graphic designer @ninaonmyhip. Here’s what she had to say about the inspiration for the cover:

“I immediately got the feel of night-time when I heard the song. I wanted to keep it sexy and try to make shorty look kind-of exotic, but approachable, and definitely keep it in-tune with the vibe of the midnight darkness with the purple hues and the shadows.”

Connect with Tristan below and be on the look out for new releases from him!

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