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Munch Brings a Fresh Energy with “Different Kinda Vibe” Video


Munch’s visual offerings tend to exhibit different aspects of his wide-ranging style, and “Different Kinda Vibe,” is no exception.

With some wavy production from frequent collaborator nuntheless, Munch delivers some feel good bars meshed with a catchy chorus to capture the feeling of being on a new vibe, and feeling good about it.

Cylent Media along with the ever-impressive StoryofKai create a visual backdrop to the song that effectively touches on the different moods in the song: there’s the cozy familiarity of the living room, the intimate excitement of a house party, and the sense of adventure that comes with bright lights in the night time. All of this and more are wrapped up into the track, which bounces now and is sure to get even better as summer approaches.

Check out Munch on all his socials below, and look out for more coming soon!


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