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Every Fact That Supports Why Takeoff Is The Best Member Of Migos



What made the majority think Takeoff wasn’t worthy of being called the best member in the group? Was it because he didn’t have a verse on ‘Bad and boujee’ or because the newer fans didn’t know his verses held the group down when Offset was in jail? Perhaps some just concluded he was a weak link in the group without thoroughly going through the extensive discography of Migos.

2017 may have begun with being “left off” the group’s smash hit ‘Bad and Boujee’ but Takeoff murdered a lot of beats on the group’s aptly named album ‘Culture’. He showed up on the album like a rapper possessed, fully aware of his own potential and ready to explode. For instance, on ‘T-shirt’ and ‘Call casting’, Takeoff not only bodied the choruses, his verses were easily one of the best on the album. This triggered arguments about who the best member of the group is. Many screamed Quavo, others yelled Offset while few whispered Takeoff. Takeoff was positioned as a sympathetic figure for passionate Migos fans to rally behind on social media. All of that was before ‘Culture 2‘.

‘Culture 2’ sealed the deal for Takeoff to be considered the best member of Migos. Amidst the Quavo overload, Takeoff still emerged as the breakout star on the album. The 24 Track album seemed a bit too long, but Takeoff definitely woke a lot of people up with his input. Probably because of his flow on many of the songs, the popular opinion is that “Takeoff snapped”. On ‘Notice Me’, Takeoff delivered one of the albums strongest verses with his triplet flow. His rhyming is dexterous, his wordplay is sharp and he has the best natural delivery in the group. Sure, Offset has a more well-rounded presence, and Quavo is the melodic glue that holds it all together, but Takeoff has proven to be an irreplaceable piece of the puzzle.

Still got doubts about Takeoff being the best member in the group? Before the release of ‘Culture 2’, Quavo confirmed what a passionate subset of fans have been saying. During an interview with Ebro Darden on Beats 1, he said “To me, he’s the best one out of all of us” referring to Takeoff. Offset confirmed that Takeoff is considered the best in the “North Side” where they come from.

Disagreeing with all these facts means trying to argue with Quavo, Offset, Takeoff, a popular opinion and the people of the North. Takeoff has proved he isn’t Migos’ weak link, but a star in his own right. He’s more than just a stray “MAMA!” ad-lib or a played out ‘Bad & Boujee’ meme.

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