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For those of you that know what’s good with Captwolf, you’ve already seen swoozydolphin’s work as a producer and organizer. If you haven’t for some reason, check out Liquor Store Pizza Part at My Crib and the Fuck Captwolf EP.

Demoz2.Wav – EP

Captwolf aside, 2018 has been a productive year for swoozy’s solo work as well. Demoz2.Wav – EP  finds him laying down some vocals as well as beats, a relatively uncommon occurrence that showcases his comfort within the different layers of his musical style. The project also hints at appearances of new approaches to production (something that is further developed in U Been Good?), especially in the second track “Pumkin.”

U Been Good?

If the previous two drops represented slight departures from swooz’ usual confident yet cynical production style, More Noise leaves most remnants of that past work behind. While still employing some of the same tools of the trade, including driving 808’s and cracking snares, the melodic choices are pretty distinct. Self-characterized as an experimental and even IDM-influenced project, swoozy wades through a lot of new territory within just two tracks, premiering an artistic identity that has likely existed for some time, but only now has manifested as the focal point of his musical offerings. Fans of his past work will enjoy the familiarity of certain aspects, while new and old listeners alike will be challenged and stimulated by this fresh take on existing concepts, infused with new feelings and understandings of the work itself.

Artboard 1.png
More Noise

One could imagine that the trajectory we’ve seen in swoozydolphin’s 2018 releases could be a hint of things to come. However, I think an equally likely scenario (especially given the eccentric explorations within each new track) is that these just prove that there’s no guessing what’s next. An atmospheric guitar project seems plausible, while a return to Captwolf-esque take on the edges of trap would make sense as well. In any case, the versatility is there, and he’s proven that it’s all worth a run-through.

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