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A Talk with JV KNIGHT about Life and his upcoming album LOVER BOY


Did you grow up in Miami?
I was born and raised in Miami Dade county. I spent most of my childhood at my grandmas house in Carol City, but I’ve always lived in Miami Lakes.

What are your thoughts on the music scene there?
Honestly the Art scene in general is amazing. It’s incredible to me how all of us want to create something. People are always complaining about how nobody puts each other on but I disagree. We have a lot of good people looking out for us artists (Mars3times, Giovanna Flaw, Rodddzilla, Miami Warehouse, Kangie West, 12am) just to name a few. And either way that type of atmosphere makes or breaks you here. So at the end of the day if you don’t make it, it’s because you gave up and didn’t hustle hard enough. My city is full of self made kings and queens.

How has Miami influenced your music?
The beauty of Miami has 100% influenced my music. I’m alway referencing elements of nature in my lyrics and that’s entirely due to where I’m from. South Florida is truly one of the prettiest places on earth. Also my attitude comes from my environment. We all just want to win out here. I have a winning mentality because of Miami.

How would you describe your sound to new fans?
I just want people to feel, my sound evokes that. We’re constantly suppressing our emotions these days and I believe we should embrace them instead. My sound takes you to a memory or emotion you’re familiar with.

Tell me how you got into music?
I grew up listening to Elvis, Led Zeppelin, Prince, so since I was a kid I always wanted to be a singer in a band. When I was in elementary I started learning different instruments and by middle school I knew how to play all of brass section and drums. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember as well so in high school I combined my love for singing and writing and became an artist. And ever since then I’ve been in love.

Who would you like to collaborate with in 2018? Why?
Man I’d love to collab with Gus Dapperton. He’s fucking amazing. I’m also a big fan of Jaden Smith, Raury and Daniel Caesar. I just feel we have the same vibe and energy and that’s the most important qualities to make music. I’m definitely collaborating with Frank Ocean, I just don’t know if that’d happen this year, fingers crossed.

What do you consider your genre and how are you different than other artists in that genre?
I think Alternative definitely describes my sound. I can’t put a finger on my own style to be real. I’m just a human trying to figure shit out too. I’m different because I actually really love what I do and my energy/music emits love and positivity. That’s hard to find.

What has been a stand out moment in your journey thus far? Explain the moment and why it stands out to you.
Truthfully, just the response from the people who are listening to my art. My supporters are really important to me cause in some way they’re all I have. Especially when I perform and I see how people move to my vibe, it really touches me. A room full of people on the same frequency is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced.

What is next for you? Tell us about any projects or ideas you are currently working on.
Well currently I’m releasing a song EVERY week. You can definitely expect a lot of visuals and performances from JV KNIGHT in the next months to come. But ultimately this is all leading up to the LOVER BOY album so definitely stay tuned for that. I’m also putting out a couple of films this year that I’ve produced/written/directed.

What are the main inspirations for the music you create?
I listen to a lot of Rnb and 80’s electric so I think my sound comes from that. I’m very influenced by live instruments in songs, you can definitely look forward to hearing more of that in my music. But shout out to my main producers Chris Ivy (@11sensez) and Linden (@not_linden), their hard work is why my music is so dope!

Who are your favorite producers in the game?
I’d say my favorite producers are Knxwledge, Tyler, Andre 3000, Sampha and all the producers at TDE. That’s definitely the sound that makes me feel most alive right now.

What have you learned from your journey as an artist?
What haven’t I learned? I feel that overall I’ve learned to be a better person. I’ve learned determination, I’ve learned perseverance, I’ve learned how to completely be myself and not flex if nobody loves me. I learned to boss up because people are going to put you down and you gotta reflect how you want them to treat you. Most importantly through being an artist I’ve learned that there’s no real secret to getting what you want in this life, the only thing you ever need is HARD WORK and self belief.

Is there a particular song that never fails to move you emotionally?
YES. Prototype by Andre 3000 takes me to heaven and back. Also there’s this song by Frank Ocean off of Endless not many people know called “Wither” that song fucking touches my soul.

Do you have any other dreams and goals in life that go beyond music?
I’m going to take over Hollywood as a director and composer. I pretty much want to be the new face of the world of Art as a whole. I also want to invest in big companies. Aside from creating I want to give myself to the world, I don’t feel I belong in one place. I want to pick up on more languages besides english and spanish so I can connect with people on a grander scale. We need to be able to understand each other to further empathize, and then eventually love.

What are your main inspirations right now?
My main inspiration right now would have to be Frank Ocean. His level of artistry and depth inspire me to express myself in bigger ways. He’s also the reason why I’ve been singing a lot more.

Last question, what is one message you want to send your fans?
Man just love yourself, that’s where everything great in life comes from. Look inward to love outward. You can’t expect the world to love you if you don’t love you. Also embrace that everything changes, if you’re caught up on past memories you’ll never make the most of today. You ALWAYS have the room in your heart and mind to be positive. The last note I’ll leave you with is to not stress how shit is going for you right now because we have a whole lifetime to live our dreams.

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