Dj Kode Red Releases Video from his Project “Love Trials”


    Album Overview 

    The “Love Trials” album is a collection of original heart break tracks, that displays a love blueprint between Kode Red and the love of his love. After being committed to this woman for 8 wonderful years, the two parties split due to their major differences about marriage and babies. While Kode Red and mate were arguing, he decided to press the record button on his phone to document the conversation. During his break up he went through all his old files and ran across the lost recording of his ex and has embedded the arguments inside the album. Grab some popcorn, pour some wine, and put on your head phone, as you enjoy this soap opera on tape. Oh and yes these are real voices.

    Virginity Single Short Film

    About Dj Kode Red

    Artist, songwriter, producer, sound engineer, Dj, host, entrepreneur, and CEO, Brian a.k.a Dj Kode Red is making amazing strides to become the next talented producer coming from the city of Detroit.

    Known for his unique approach to music the producer began working with local artist in the city which then lead him to do film scores, fashion shows and much more. Progressing his career in entertainment the producer found his true passion in being behind the mixing board controlling how the records should sound, he is currently working on his next solo project.

    Dj Kode Red has always been fascinated with sounds but with no formal training he learned how you play the piano. He used his creative talents and ability to perform, and write his own music releasing “In The City Club Bangers EP” currently being spun on local and internet radio stations.

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