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Imported from the D Winner B-Free Talks to EMCEE About His 2018 Plans

📷: @gijohnnydocs

If you don’t know who Detroit’s very own B-Free is, it’s about time you got to know him.

B-Free already gained some huge local attention in 2017 after giving show stealing performances at venues where he opened for names like OG Maco, Lil Debbie, and Kap G. Now, he’s coming into 2018 bigger and better than ever with hopes of taking his brand on a global level. So far this year, he’s already dropped his first project (Motor City Menace), working on his next project (Menace in Paradise), dropped a verse for EMCEE’s third annual Cypher, and most recently has won the coveted Imported from the D 2018 contest, which earned him a $1000 grand prize, an interview on Hot 107.5, and five of his songs played on the same station.

Needless to say, B-Free’s on a heavy grind this year, and he stopped by EMCEE to tell us all about it.

📷: @gijohnnydocs

Congratulations on winning this year’s Imported from the D. 

Thank you!

Were you nervous that night by any chance? Or did you go in knowing for sure you were gonna win this?

No, not at all. I was more ready, if anything. I went in there with a clear mind and humble approach. Anything could’ve happened. The show could’ve got canceled, or even worse, I could’ve lost. But whatever the outcome was, I was ready for it mentally.

It was just last month that you were apart of EMCEE’s third annual cypher. Looking at the guys you rapped alongside–Hotel Seprino, Philup Banks, and Courtney Bell–was there any pressure to come through with a fire verse next to such tremendous talents?

[Laughs] Not at all. Those guys are my dogs and they know that. They are some of the most talented artists coming out of Detroit. The dope thing about all four of us is we all have our own style and that’s very rare to come across; especially in 2018.

We’re just barely three months into 2018, and you’ve already done a lot. Show after show. Cyphers. Debut project. Another project on the way. How do you find time/motivation to do it all? Do you even sleep?

Honestly, my sleeping schedule has gotten better this year. Before this year though, my sleeping patterns were all over the place. I would sleep for at least 3 to 4 hours a days and sometimes pull all nighters where I wouldn’t sleep at all for two days. My time is always spent in the studio. Either that or I’m at school. Every minute counts.

For the last year or so, you’ve been hyping and teasing Menace in Paradise as your debut project. Instead, you kicked 2018 off by releasing Motor City Menace. Why release MCM instead? Why delay MiP?

Motor City Menace is actually a prequel to Menace in Paradise. It gives all my listeners a chance to get a feel for what to expect out of Menace in Paradise. Menace in Paradise is coming though. It’s definitely going to be impactful.

This Thursday, March 22nd, you and the rest of your Forever Golden crew will be performing at El Club. Is this the first time all of you are performing onstage together? How’d you first meet and start linking up with these guys anyway?

This is definitely our first official show together, debuting us as an official collective. But no, this isn’t the first time performing on stage together. We’ve done many shows together before. I actually met Jay Squared at an event back in 2013 and we’ve been friends ever since. Later down the line he introduced me to Forever Golden and brought me in as a new member, and the rest is history.

Should we expect anyone from Forever Golden to have a verse on Menace in Paradise?

You’ll just have to wait and see for yourself…but to answer your question, yes.

What can we expect from Menace in Paradise? Something similar to Motor City Menace, or a whole new vibe?

Expect hit after hit! [Laughs] It’s definitely going to be a new feel and vibe. The album goes from dark to light, if that makes sense. It’s a storyline based on events that occurred in my childhood and life currently. It’s structured and fit to play in full.

Anything you’d like to promote/mention before we sign out of this interview?

Go buy, stream, download, and if you already did so, tell a friend to tell a friend about Motor City Menace! Menace In Paradise is coming soon, just be patient, I promise you it’ll be worth the wait. Thank you for your support, and thank you EMCEE Network for the interview.

📷: @gijohnnydocs

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