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Man This Beat So Hard: Kodie Shane


“I can’t trust that girl ’cause she be lyin’ to her n*gga like that…Whenever I want her she come over, yeah, I got it like that.” 19 year-old Kodie Shane knows how to keep her listeners in high spirits feeling like they “got it like that” too. One of my favorite artists, the ATL-native, born Kodie Williams has been topping charts and dropping hits since she decided to start making music at age 13.

Shane is no stranger to the music industry—her father, Danny C. Williams, was 1/3 of Detroit trio Rick, Ran & Dan; her aunt is “I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On” singer Cherrelle, her sister Brandi belonged to the girl group Blaque, and her mother is her manager. Lil Uzi’s “twin”, and the only female rapper in Yachty’s Sailing Team crew, she already has industry veteran status, and is likely your girlfriends favorite rapper…just ask her.

Kodie made her debut on Lil Yachty’s Summer Songs 2 tape dropping her bomb, scene-stealing verse on “All In.” I can still remember hearing this song for the first time and falling in love with her lyricism and animated sing-songy delivery. I repeatedly projected the video onto the TV and skipped ahead to hear to her verse on the song in all it’s glory. I’ve already done the work for you and skipped to 4:06 in the video below so you can see for yourself:

“There are times when I may be really into a person or a thing and even though my heart is present, my mind travels. Sometimes, I wanna just lose service from the whole world,” Kodie has shared. A relatable statement, Kodie seems to say what a lot of us feel, but deftly and creatively expresses her thoughts in a way that is unique to her alone. She has often said that she “hears sounds everywhere” and “thinks in music”. This is reflected in each of her original, non-stop releases that top charts and steal hearts.

Her 2017 Album, Back From the Future includes a few of my top favorite songs of hers. Namely: IndecisiveNormalLevel Up, and Cuban. Kodie focuses on projecting her zany thoughts, addresses your concerns about how safe your girlfriend is, sings us through heartbreak, and flexes her Cuban links…can she get any more dreamy?

She dropped Big Trouble Little Jupiter on January 2, 2018 featuring album cover art that continues the futuristic theme from her first album. This project is a certified banger. Check out the album on SpotifySoundcloud, or give it a quick listen on Youtube and form your own opinion!

All in (no pun intended) all, I love me some Kodie. Anytime I hear that recognizable “man this beat so hard” tag come on over a beat, I know i’m about to hear something dope. Her music is honest, her style and flow are unique and addicting, and her facial expression/animated delivery keeps me watching for what she’s dropping next. With catchy hooks, seamless flow, and contagious confidence she will undoubtedly create long lasting success.

Kan’t wait to see what Kodie komes up with next.

Check out few of my favorite Kodie Shane videos below:

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