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Is Serena Williams Launching A Beauty Line?


The internet has been buzzing over rumors that Tennis legend Serena Williams is about to launch her own beauty line. Reports say that Williams was spotted back in January getting a business name, “Aneres” trademarked. The name is Serena spelled backwards. She’s rumored to be launching products in 18 categories that are all beauty related.

Serena has been in the sports world for a long time—and with the beauty industry being so big right now maybe now she’s ready to try something different. New makeup and beauty products are constantly coming out and evolving. To get into the beauty industry would be a big move for the Tennis star. No official word yet from Serena or her team on this rumor but fans are excited about this and hope it’s all true.

Brittany Nicole is a native of Ohio who recently graduated from the QC Makeup Academy to become a makeup artist and fashion stylist. Recently Brittany started her own beauty blog called "The Beauty Mill" which she features on her social media pages. Her dream is to become a successful, makeup artist, journalist and beauty blogger.

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