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New Divine Delay EP From Acclaimed Electronic Producer Amp Live


Together, Amp Live and Eric just dropped a new single that is perfect the epitome of a chill motivational message. The title speaks for itself. “Don’t Stop No Rest” is an inspiration and sets the tone for keeping your Zen while climbing your way to the top.


“Among the handful of hot tracks off this EP, his newest single, “IAMHI” is a sweaty, energetic beat that is anything but monotonous. It eases you in slowly with its steady, almost hypnotic pattern, making you feel like you know what you’re getting yourself into. Yet within the first 30 seconds of the track, your brain is taken from pleasant lo-fi waters to a sudden tidal wave of trap. Mellow, melting vocals sewn with headbanging (what I am now calling) “trap-hip-pop” beats makes “IAMHI” a complex track. Filled with a number of peaks and valleys, it is a tantalizing song that keeps the body guessing.”

The Sights & Sounds

Electronic producer Amp Live is excited to announce the release of his newest EP Divine Delay, a follow up to his 2017 EP Atmosphere. Amp Live has quietly been making a splash over the years and has produced beats for major artists such as MGMT and Linkin Park and collaborated with artists such as Lorin Ashton (Bassnectar). Amp Live first came into the limelight as part of revered hip-hop group Zion I, which he was part of for over a decade. Since breaking off from Zion I in 2015, Amp Live has steadily proven his abilities as a talented solo artist and producer. On Divine Delay, Amp Live combines a multitude of genres including electronica, hip-hop, urban pop, glitch hop, melodic bass, reggae,  jazz, trap, R&B, and drum and bass. Vocals are also a focal point and memorable highly of this fresh and forward thinking six-track EP. Eric Rachmany, singer and guitarist for Grammy-nominated Rebelution lends his vocals on the reggae-inspired and uplifting “Don’t Stop No Rest.” Talented LA-based singer Tribes lends her vocal talents along with J-Wes the Amazing on “Anything,” and rapper The Grouch of Living Legends is featured on “Many Reasons.” 2018 should prove to be a big year for Amp Live as he gears up to release his new collaborative project with Del The Funky Homosapien (The Gorillaz & The Hieroglyphics) debuting this spring. Divine Delay is out now on Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music.


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Throughout the years, Amp Live has built a reputation as one of California’s most talented and diverse producer/DJs. After creating dreamy soulful beats for Zion I,  Amp has since gone on to produce for major and independent artists such as Bassnectar, Green Day, Akon (Warner), Flipsyde (Interscope Records), Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussy Cat Dolls (Interscope), and R&B artist Goapele (for whom he produced the soul smash single of 2003-2004 titled “Closer” for Sony Records). Amp Live’s most recent success was his critically acclaimed Rainydays Remixes album, a remix counterpart to Radiohead’s In Rainbows LP. Always experimenting, Amp Live has demonstrated his aptitude in a wide variety of genres including breaks, house, two-step, dance, electro, mashups, and drum & bass.

In the past years, Amp Live was part of the video game industry as his music was included as one of the main features for the Sony Traxxpad and as a feature for one of the basketball players in the NBA 2K6-2K7 video game. Amp’s beats have been featured in a number of films and television shows including So You Think You Can Dance, Dirt by Courtney Cox, Friday Night Lights, Honey, Big Fat Liar, Leprechaun 4, America’s Next Top Model by Tyra Banks, ESPN Sports Center, and the Jamie Kennedy Show.

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