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FORESEA: The Future of Fashion & Sustainability


Every year in Las Vegas, the Agenda Show hails the city for brands and retailers from around the world to come together. It is here where fashion exhibitors show what they have to offer and buyers come to see what they got. It also became a place for creatives to grab inspiration, network, and sometimes even party inside the convention.

This year, while browsing through the hundreds of retailers, talking to each creator and trying to learn about their products, a certain brand has caught my attention.


Behold, FORESEA. The English brand that just started in December has been impressing a lot of people, including myself and those at the Agenda Show.  At first, what could first catch anyone’s attention are the colours and how the different materials in each article of clothing were different but came together in a sort of cotton and mesh blend. Upon discovery, the items were actually made out of seaweed. During observation, a lady representing the brand named Jade explains that the items are handmade and that she spins the seaweed really fast to make it into wearable material.

Jade is the founder, creator, and main designer of FORESEA. And, with Jack, who handles art direction and creative design, have found a way to “give a new look and bring life to sustainability.” The brand’s goal is to design for a Circular Economy and is inspired by consumer waste and consumer problems in the world. The current collection being based on ocean waste– Jade says that while walking on the beach in England, she found so much waste and plastic and picked it all up, tangled in the waste was seaweed and most other things one can find close to the ocean. She saw this and thought that this is a massive problem, but instead of pushing it to people’s faces and saying “we have to fix this” she figured that it would be better to do it in a more artistic way and bring it into culture so people would actually listen. When asking Jade how she figures out how she learned how to take the plastic and seaweed into a wearable and malleable material she says, “I don’t know, it just comes to me.”


The clothes on display at the Agenda Show from FORESEA are more couture and high-end styles, but Jade explains when she gets back to England the focus will be more on wearable items. She also says that each collection would be different and would focus on different types of wastes and other recyclable items other than just plastic and seaweed.

You can learn more about FORESEA on their website at foresea.co.uk .

(All pictures collected from FORESEA’s Instagram @foresea__ .)

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