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Rayge Reviews: Runway (single) by Kyle Mack


Let’s Talk About It

Michigan native Kyle Mack blesses us with his latest single, ‘Runway’.  It is in preparation for his upcoming ‘Heart To Heart EP’, which is due to release March 12th of this year.  Even from the cover art of this song, you already feel the vibes.  The production is just as dreamy as the design for it.  The theme is more so catered for the ladies, but guys can definitely play it to set the mood as well.  ‘Runway’ paints a very vivid picture of the ‘let’s get away from here, you deserve a vacation’ narrative.  Spanning at 4:07 in length, the place this takes one to mentally lasts for a good amount of time.  Kyle Mack starts off the record with the hook.  To jump right to what directly correlates and supports the theme of it all, he says “You need a vacay.  You need a spa day.  So, let’s hit the highway or fly off the runway”.  In this song, he is describing from the point of view of observing a woman who works hard on the daily and never rests, which many can relate to.  To combat that, he offers a solution.  Kyle Mack comes from a place of understanding.  “I know you had a rough day. You always work late.  Monday-Wednesday, Wednesday-Friday.  You need a vacay.  You need a spa day. So, lets hit the highway or fly off the runway”.  It can be said that any lady could appreciate a man wanting to cater to them and be considerate of their workaholic lifestyles enough to offer a getaway.  Anyone wanting or looking for a song to dedicate to that special someone which sends the message of getting rest and stepping away from the monotony of work, this one is for you.

Notable Lyrics:

“When’s the last time you got faded like a high-top”? 


Kyle Mack

The Verdict

Kyle Mack does an exceptional job on this single with putting a picture with the words in mind.  The vibe of the song is one that feels good and truly does inspire the desire to want to get away from work life.  If his coming ‘Heart To Heart EP’ is anything like this song here, we are really in for a treat.


Find Kyle Mack On Social Media and Stream ‘Runway’ Below:

Twitter: @Kyle_Bernard
Instagram: @kbm.dream
SnapChat: kbm.dream


Apple Musichttp://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1343890413


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