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Rayge Reviews: 3rdEye by Alias


The Intro

Hailing out of Northern Neck, VA, Alias gives us his latest offering, ‘3rdEye’.  He has really been carving out a lane for himself.  In a musical world where there are so many artists and songs to choose from, it could get difficult to make any noticeable waves.  This isn’t the case for Alias, however.  Whenever one listens to his songs, it’s easy to tell that there has been time spent making it just right.  Usually, there is great production, which is brought to you by its executive producer, Zach Woolard and lyrics to match.  Also, the ‘vibes’ are in place as well.  Alias has an energy to him that is magnetic.  Getting back to his latest project, he originally started the journey to making ‘3rdEye’ what it is now back in June of 2017.  Although it hasn’t been the longest of waits for it, it certainly is worth the time it took for it to drop.  Below, will be the review, followed by his social media handles and also where you can stream the project. Without any further delay, in the words of Kanye, “…So let’s get on with it”!




The Music

Alias starts things off with ‘Chilly’.  Off-the-bat, the project has an intoxicating feel to it but, the bass that bumps gives the energy for it to feel like a banger all at the same time. His autotune-infused voice perfectly blends in with the sample-sounding production that is provided.  The hook backs up the title of the track: “In New York, it get ‘Chilly’. On my wrist, Richard Milly…”.

The cold vibes continue with the following track titled, ‘Froze’.  Even though it of course isn’t produced by Zaytoven, the production on this track will put you in the spirit of him.  There is still subtle bounce to this track for you to turn up to though.

Notable Lyrics:

All this d*mn gold on me/I done went froze, my g”.

Next up is ‘Jenner’.  It starts off with fast-paced wooziness and has that ‘0-100/ The Catch Up’ sound effect in the background as well.  Fellow RamboWorld rapper Giwu is featured on this song and his flow on it is impeccable.  This one here is definitely one to play at a party or when a turn up is needed.

Notable Lyrics:

“Calabasas party gettin’ sloppy/ I just seen a Jenner on a molly/ I just brought my choppa in the lobby/ don’t you try me, that’s for any f**kin’ body”! 


‘Rush’ comes after, which is more upbeat and Alias just starts flowing right out the gate with a catchy hook.  Thumping bass is all infused in, giving you energy to be live at any function.  One would think this song was cut-and-dry, until 2:08 when things switch up. The sound is more serious, like Alias is on a mission. The bass on the second half of this track is more hollow and feels like it’s just all around you.

Notable Lyrics:

“I got blue hands, yeah I do the money dance”


‘Pronto’ follows suit.  The production here is concise and to the point.  The bass is hard hitting, making this an instant party-starter.  Alias brings his boy, Tyrelle along for the fun also.

Notable Lyrics:

Alias puts on for his team here by saying: “Rambo, we da world…”.  


Moving along to ‘Rollin’.  The way this song was made, it sounds like it could have been used on a movie soundtrack.  Very cinematic sounding.  The production is all- encompassing.  Even though this track is only 2:42, the job gets done here.

Notable Lyrics:

“Every time we come, you know we flexin’…”.

‘iiinterlude’ comes afterward.  There is a sample of a choir to get this track going, which leads right into madness with the high-energy mosh-pit like energy once the beat drops.  Alias raps on here like he has something to prove.  He also lets this be known: ‘I don’t got time to play games…” and you can certainly tell he isn’t playing any here.

Notable Lyrics:

“Rambo, we cannot be tamed/ we are not one in the same…”.

By this point, ‘Clean’ is reached. It is the second longest song on the project, coming in at 5:40. Don’t let the length scare you off from listening though, as it is well worth the listen.  This  track is very laid back, kind of giving a break from the fast pace that the rest of ‘3rdEye’ has given. However, at about 3:13, the beat changes and so does the vibe.  Giwu is brought back on this side of the song also.

Notable Lyrics:

“I’m feelin’ like Lil Uzi Vert, cause all my friends are dead…”.
“I ain’t talkin geek, but we pull up wit a tec…”.

Coming towards the end of this project, ‘Gone’ is definitely a speed bump to the motion of what’s been going on.  Not in a bad way, of course.  Alias brings out the vocals as he is more sing-songy here.  This track sounds more sentimental.  This is one you can certainly chill and think to.  Then it gets interesting.  At the 2:15 mark, the beat switches to what you would think of as a lullaby or melody in a kids movie, but there is a method behind the madness.  As it goes by, it’s even better than the first half of the song.  There is more of a “falling in reverse”, groggy feel to this latter part of ‘Gone’ as well.

Notable Lyrics:

“Tool on me, yea I keep the iron on me…”

Lastly, is ‘Watching’.  This is the conclusion and the longest track on the project. Alias ends things on more of the low end.  As with a few of the other songs, the beat switches too at 3:18.  The tempo picks up more as it progresses.  What’s nice here is that usual projects from artists have straight-forward ends or songs that cap off their work and is just to the point but all throughout ‘3rdEye’, Alias includes twists and turns to keep things entertaining.

Notable Lyrics:

“Rambo, we the world yea/ lil b**ch we are the winning team…”.


The Verdict

From what has been observed and noted, this is for sure worth listening to.  There are various elements and vibes at play throughout.  ‘3rdEye’ is devoided of dull moments, as aforementioned, there are beat switches to keep you on your toes.  Bangers are littered and laced in here, as well as some more casual songs for those that like to be laid back.  The project was recently released this past Wednesday, so it is definitely a breath of fresh air and gives you new music to listen to.


Find Alias on social media and stream ‘3rdEye’ here:

Twitter: @AliasOfficial15

Also, be sure to check out the website for his team: ramboworld.com

Stream ‘3rdEye’ here: https://soundcloud.com/aliasofficial1/sets/3rdeye


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