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PJ Gifted Releases New Single “Tokyo”


PJ Gifted is an excellent underground rapper from Louisville, Kentucky, who has been killing it with recent releases as he works to mark his entry on the game. PJ Gifted’s new single, “Tokyo”, is a slider filled with hard lines and cold trap production, and begs to be investigated further.


PJ Gifted dropped his first project, the FREE DUBS mixtape, back in December. The biggest single off of FREE DUBS, “Kelly Price”, features Vory and received its own music video. Prior to FREE DUBS, PJ Gifted’s earliest Soundcloud upload goes back to March of 2016, showing that PJ has been putting his will on game for close to two years now.

The song “Tokyo” is a clean trap banger, captained by PJ Gifted who comes across as determined and composed, as he fires off smooth and effortlessly flowing trap lines. PJ’s hustle comes across clearly in his music, and with “Tokyo” you can feel PJ Gifted shifting to launch himself to an even higher level of the rap game.

“Tokyo” is a track to dab and slide to. “I got a date with a reaper / That means I’m fresher than death” PJ spits, as the cold trap production passively plays on every line. The song doesn’t have a ton to do with Tokyo, Japan, but PJ Gifted’s fly aesthetic is easily internationally applicable. “My closet look like Tokyo / I got a date with a reaper” as part of the hook is one of few references to the Japanese metropolis, as the general idea of the song remains highly memorable.

PJ Gifted is no joke, and the Louisville artist shows that he truly is gifted with his killer new release, “Tokyo”. Get in touch with PJ Gifted on Twitter and Instagram and stream his new song “Tokyo” if you haven’t already.

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