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DMV Darryl Drops Thought Provoking Tape ‘The Dire Straits of America’


DMV Darryl is an ambitious rap artist who has recently dropped an excellent tape, titled The Dire Straits of America. Emcee breaks down DMV Darryl’s career, insights, and his new project.

15977097_1844691265789767_6631725173816346045_n-960x770In case you didn’t piece the clues together yourself, DMV Darryl comes from the DMV (The DC, Maryland, and Virginia tri-state area), and takes on his government name, Darryl. Darryl has lived in Landover, Maryland, Southeast DC, and a few other cities throughout Maryland and Virginia, making Darryl a trueblood DMV artist.

DMV Darryl, aka Darryl Omar, first decided to start rapping in late 2008, thanks to inspiration from fellow MC, Irv Duff. Since, Darryl has been off and on, but now looks to fully pursue this passion, and is backing up his pursuit with a great new project, The Dire Straits of America.

The Dire Straits of America is an elusive, hard hitting, and thought provoking rap tape. With an intro followed by three chapters, DMV Darryl takes a segmented approach to the layout of the tape, each tackling a different dynamic of the issues we face in America. From “The Basicz”, to “Illz & Curez”, to “Fight The Good Fight”, Darryl tackles the multiple layers of issues such as racism, materialism, and corporate greed. “We’re really gonna make America a beautiful place”, Darryl proclaims on the intro, before later taking his perspectives even deeper, like on the track “The Devil’s Poison”, where DMV Darryl dives deep into drug epidemics and the horrors they can portray in any given community.

Recently, DMV Darryl spoke with indie publication StopTheBreaks, and when asked about what he’d like to bring to the table through rap, he said “I wanna be someone who stands on things of value. I’m not throwin out party rap, junky rap, gangsta rap or anything else. I feel like there’s enough problems in America for a project to be made about it. That’s what I did. … I had been workin on the project in my mind and writing it since early 2016. December 10th, 2017, I finally went to the stu and recorded the whole project in 2 hours.” Speaking on the problems we face in America, Darryl couldn’t be more correct. With The Dire Straits of America, DMV Darryl tackles these issues that plague our society, and does it with vigor.

With The Dire Straits of America, DMV Darryl brings his incredible insight and an implied promise to deliver more great content in the future. On the tape, Darryl Omar presents a sobering state of mind over a soundscape of relaxing, bouncy, and soulful production that true rap fans will find comforting.

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Tracklist and production credits for TDSoA

As mentioned, DMV Darryl began his career back in 2008, and has been heavily on and off since, now with the desire to pursue music as a full time career. On the topic of remaining an indie artist, Darryl says “I feel like indie is the way to be because you keep more money you make and you have more musical freedom. Seems like indie artists enjoy the fruits of their labor more than artists signed to a major.” DMV Darryl has a great point here, and earning a living as an artist while maintaining your freedom is something all artists should aspire to.

In the future, DMV Darryl looks to continue progressing and supplying content for his fans. Darryl has expressed his desire to “Stay solid on what you stand on and give them high quality music. They’ll hear that from me on The Dire Straits of America and future projects.” We here at Emcee can’t wait to watch DMV Darryl’s career progress and to see him blossom into the best artist he can be.

“I feel like there’s too much foolery and not enough nice music. I feel the game needs more people like me to bring the focus back on good music with good messages.” Clearly, DMV Darryl is an artist with a vast vision and a big heart. Not only did we enjoy his new tape, we look forward to him joining other recently rising DMV artists such as Goldlink and IDK to get the recognition his efforts deserve. Check out the links below to get engaged with DMV Darryl.



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