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Hot, upcoming brand of 2018: Maniere De Voir


As we have wrapped up 2017, and freshly started 2018, it is essential that we update our wardrobes! Shopping for new clothes at a mall can be a drag if you don’t want what everyone else is wearing, and the abundance of options you have if you shop online can be overwhelming to the point you cannot decide what to order.  But a hot, upcoming, online brand by the name of Maniere De Voir is a total game changer!

Maniere De Voir is a UK Based online brand that conveniently ships Internationally. They are highly efficient, offering a variety of quality products for both men and women. The monochromatic color schemes are to die for and most of the apparel is under $55. They sell everything from tracksuits, jeans, active wear, t shirts, cocktail dresses, sweats, parkas,  even footwear!

You can follow them on Instagram or on Twitter @ManiereDeVoir

With affordable apparel, Maniere De Voir gives you that simple yet edgy look everyone loves!

Stephanie Amato is a contributor for EMCEE Network and an aspiring producer.

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