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Ever heard of a game titled “Let It Die“? Well, it’s published by a japanese developer called Grasshopper Manufacture. The leading force behind recent hits such as No More Heroes, Killer 7, Killer Is Dead, Catherine & many more titles available on major consoles. Well, a couple years back, I shared emails between the company and myself. I went on to talk about how big of a fan I was and even went further to offer myself as a model for a future game character and offered my audio engineering skills for their soundtracks in the future, free of charge for one project.

I remember playing No More Heroes and finding out the developer modeled the main character, Travis Touchdown after Johnny Knoxville of MTV’s Jackass. Pretty neat easter egg.

2017 hits and Let It Die hits the scene with myself as a playable character in the game! Being an annual Youmacon goer and gamer, I was super excited to hear the great news!
Check out in game screenshots:


(Prior to raiding your rivals, you ride the Tokyo Death Metro subway train or TDM to kickass)26685715_535937176769078_4949829588945833298_o

(The game allows you to find resources to craft new and stronger weaponry and armors)26756752_535887823440680_309622590639139060_o

(DREADSPERADO on the character select screen; there 15 other playable characters. 8 male & 8 female.)26756931_535953816767414_8517945338406889788_o

(Within the Tower of Barbs, you will encounter many different enemies. This one is called a Tuber. A cybernetic monstrosity. Nothing hard to handle. There are multiple models of Tuber.)

(Another reason I love this game. The zombified enemies are called “Haters” & “Screamers”. Everyone has to deal with those in reality. A nice touch that you can relate to.)26850322_536202096742586_1239580414944482908_o

(DREADSPERADO kicking the s#!& out of the first boss, “Max Sharp” He is literally a hill billies head with arms where his ears should be…there is no torso here.)26850533_535955076767288_8923398191906460199_o

(Most of the clothing/armor in the game looks pretty good. Most have an industrial appeal but there is something for everyone in the wardrobe. Everyone would have something out of their catalog. If it existed.)26910132_536208640075265_1541623884828676665_o

(Apparently, DREADSPERADO and Suda 51 do everything a “Different Type of Way“. You will fight a lot in this game and no doubt you will get hurt. Many types of mushrooms aid your player as a healing mechanism. The YogaShroom allows you to assume a very extravagant position that is clearly not a real Yoga stance but should be considered from here on out.)26910422_536208203408642_4475798343579350139_o

(Everytime you eat a YogaShroom, you assume a different position. Make sure there are no enemies around, because once you eat the YogaShroom, you are stuck in that position for 30 seconds or until your HP bar is full; if your a higher leveled player.) 26961625_536201593409303_1504184640023974181_o

(Ok..so…BEWARE of any corridor that has a lit up, neon sign reading “Fun Town” because there is nothing fun about it at all unless you grind your character.)

“Let It Die” can be purchased on the Playstation Network for Playstation 4 and Pro for free if you are a Playstation Plus member. Retail prices vary. It is NOT available on Xbox One and Xbox One X, sorry guys…
There is networking compatibility that allows you to recognize yourself with your appropriate state and/or country. States and countries compete against each other for domination and recognition. I have had the pleasure to lead Michigan to victory, way over 50 times and it would be great to have some of our Emcee gamers join the fray with me in owning the leader boards. The team is taking on many competitions around the world and we can always use new recruits.

(I broadcast gameplay walkthroughs via Twitch and YouTube. If you need any help, just search me in your search bar.)

Overall, this is an amazing product to invest in and an amazing opportunity for me to have one of my personal favorite game developers put me in such a bad ass game!
Who knows…maybe I’ll reach out again and discuss starring in a possible sequel. I mean…maybe a script is already in the works…I mean…I don’t know, just stay tuned!

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