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The Album No One Is Talking About: One Week Notice (ft. Dizzy Wright, Audio Push, & More!)


With only a couple weeks into 2018 so far, not much has happened in the hip hop industry as of late. Apart from Cardi B and Bruno Mars releasing a retro single, nothing’s moved the needle enough to kick off 2018 with a bang. Although, something fairly major in the underground hip hop scene went down just over a week ago, but no one seems to be giving it any attention. The “it” in question is the massive collab project between some of the underground’s most prominent artists.

Whether it’s because so many people didn’t know about it or so many people just aren’t talking about it, the collab album One Week Notice released on January 5th, 2018. The rappers on the project are Audio Push, Jarren Benton, Dizzy Wright, Emilio Rojas, Demrick, and Reezy. The concept of the album is that all of these rappers were brought together by Funk Volume founder Damien Ritter to spend seven days in the studio recording together. The experience was documented on Dizzy’s Instagram page and, from the looks of it, the album was a blast to make for everyone involved. It shows in the final product with beats from Kato, DJ Hoppa, and Audio Push’s Price that are equally hype and vibey.


Considering all of the talent involved in this, it’s shocking to see just how under the radar this album has fallen. All things considered, this most certainly is the first great rap album of the year so far. Of course, there is exactly 0 competition for One Week Notice so far–and Dave East’s Paranoia 2 might take its spot when it drops this Tuesday–but it certainly deserves being considered a great album nonetheless. Everybody brings their A-game lyrically, and again, the production is diverse and entertaining. We could not recommend this album highly enough. It’s available on all major platforms. Check it out. Links below.

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