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GabiFresh Helps Us Find Our Inner Warrior with New Swimsuits For All Collection


OG fashion blogger and designer extraordinaire Gabi Gregg has done it again! Just a few weeks after dropping her Premme Holiday collection, Gabi has teamed up with Swimsuits For All to produce her third GabiFresh collection with the brand – Resort 2018. As the name suggests, this collection is all about luxurious detailing and tropical prints that transports us all to jungle hideaways and private beaches.

As with every project Gabi has designed, including her Playful Promises lingerie collection, she never looses her voice as a champion for catering to diverse body shapes and sizes. In an interview with People Magazine, Gabi expressed how important this aspect is by saying that “I always think about fit and support so those are the foundations of everything I create”. Making a swimsuit collection for sizes 10-26 and up to an H cup means shaking up beauty ideals and proving that there is a market for plus size swimsuits.

Aside from the overall glam and body positive excellence this collection provides, Resort 2018 has an important message underlying its release. Gabi partnered up with model Philomena Kwao and sex educator Ericka Hart to prove that “You have what it takes. You just have to believer it”. Seeing these warrior women sharing their personal struggles with fitting a mold not made for them empowers others to do the same and dress outside of their comfort zones.

“Philomena and Ericka are both gorgeous with inspirational stories—they truly embody how I want my swimsuits to make people feel” – Gabi Gregg

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Head over and shop the full collection at www.swimsuitsforall.com and find out how you can become one of 9 women to be appear in the next GabiFresh x Swimsuits For All swimsuit photoshoot!

Inemesit (pronounced “Ee-Nem-Eh-Sit”) is a Canadian plus size fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Calgary, Alberta. As the premier plus size fashion authority in Calgary, Inemesit’s goal is to be a body positive advocate in a city in which plus size and curvy women are still finding their voice. Inemesit believes that every woman, despite their shape or size, has the right to wear what they want and feel good doing it.

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