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Misguided Takes a Stand with #MakeYourMark Campaign


U.K. based mega retailer Misguided has launched the #MakeYourMark campaign to help fight the unrealistic beauty ideals pushed out by the fashion industry. Misguided is unapologetically embracing what makes you YOU by partnering with a powerhouse group of babes showing off their cellulite and showcasing their stretch marks in hopes of conveying the true meaning of beauty.

The video and print ads feature nine women including model and body positivity activists Felicity Hayward and Tinar Dandajena, Australia raised artist Ally, and Fatty Boom Tatty blogger Sam Roswell. These women let their inner personalities take center stage and showoff every inch of their body with the support of Misguided. The brand ensured that none of the images utilized in this campaign were unretouched, inspiring babes and loyal shoppers to love themselves – flaws and all.

The powerful campaign concludes with a call to action: “We are making a pledge to never retouch our models’ perfect ‘imperfections’ out.” Misguided has joined brands such a ASOS, Aerie and Modloth who are finally listening to their consumers and using models that look like us. Seeing these women openly love their bodies is inspiring and the marketing numbers reflect this fact, with consumer feedback at an all-time high and many women sharing their own personal images with the #MakeYourMark hashtag.

Have you shared your #MakeYourMark image yet? Link yours below in the comments and join the movement!

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