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Artist Spotlight: Cardo Da’vante


Artist Background

Cardo Da’vante is a hip hop producer, engineer, songwriter and rapper currently based out of Detroit, Michigan. He started experimenting with FruityLoops Studio at 13 years old and since then has devoted his life to making great music. As a freshman in high school, he started producing instrumentals for local rappers such as Poetic Genius. He has come a long way since then and is now the CEO and founder of his own production company called P.I.L.O.T.S. 2292, which stands for “Pursue In Landing On The Stars” and is a metaphor for his hustle and business mentality. He also uses the term “Pilot” as the theme of the company — being in control of your journey and destination, and he has plans to expand it into a full service music production company in the future.

His ambition isn’t limited to his own success, however; Cardo mentioned in an interview at Wayne State University that he wants to motivate other people to pursue their dreams. He also stated “you can make anything happen if you put your mind to it.”

Cardo has received an audio specialist certificate from the Recording Institute of Detroit and is mastering his craft as an intern at Mix Factory One Studio.

Style & Experience

Cardo’s style is interesting as it is both focused and diverse. His sound tends to fall in the realm of Trap/Hip Hop/Dirty South but also extends outward, even including some pop instrumentals. His instrumentals often represent a sound similar to southern rap legend T.I., but after reviewing his samples online it’s clear that he is multi-talented and capable of mastering sounds of a wide spectrum. Some words to describe his style are: trap, melodic, club music, smooth, and dark. To check out his personal style and/or to purchase some instrumentals, go to pilots2292.com/beats. My personal favorite is Purple Skies and at the time of publication it’s still up for grabs!

He also produces sync tracks for commercial/TV productions, which are available for sale on his site. He mentioned to me personally that he’d also like to consider doing film scoring, which is ambitious but well within the reach of someone with his skill set and experience.

Currently he is working with Detroit artist Rico Wil, and he has stated that he wants to build more work with him and other local artists before branching out of Detroit. Instead of chasing big names, he wants to focus on producing excellent work with artist he has chemistry with, and I think this is a clever development strategy that will yield massive dividends in the long run.

Not to mention that along the way he also picked up some rapping experience himself. Check out this teaser for his song “Goodnight” where he spits some heavy bars;

If you want to check out his production process in action, there are other videos on his YouTube channel (CardoWorldTV) that highlight this experience and give you some insight into the mind of a producer. It’s fascinating to see a work of art assemble from simple building blocks into something amazing.

New Project: “In Due Time”

If you’ve never heard of Cardo Da’vante before, now is a good time to start paying attention. He has several projects under his belt, spanning several years, and his next big project “In Due Time” dropped today, on his birthday. This is perhaps his most exciting and ambitious project yet. It’s clear he has no intention of stopping or slowing down any time soon.

The project is available for download on DatPiff, here.

Cardo Da’Vante – In Due Time


For more releases from Cardo Da’vante, keep up with him on social media:

Twitter: @CardoWorld

Instagram: @CardoWorld

YouTube: CardoWorldTV

Website: www.pilots2292.com


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