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Cameronazi: New York Rage Of Mind


Who He Is

There comes a point in time when one discovers a music artist that can be instantly spotted as transcendent, and that discovery arrives in the form of none other than Cameronazi. Hailing out of New York, he is a part of the East Coast experimental music collective known as 0500. This group’s sound consists of various styles and genres of music ranging from hip hop and punk rock to heavy metal.

Are you wondering, “why the name Cameronazi”? Well, his first name is Cameron and for “shock value” he decided to add the “a-z-i” to stand out.  Outside of music, he draws, paints, writes, does photography and film.  One could say he is a man of many artistic talents.

Cameronazi has definitely not gone unnoticed.  Earlier in the year, he performed at Desiigner’s ‘Outlet Tour’ in Atlanta, GA, which included the likes of Ski Mask The Slump God, producer 16 YrOld and Rob Stone, and he also went on the Sudden Death Tour opening for It’s Okay To Cry with Nick Prosper. Cameronazi has been pictured with: SmokePurrp, Scarlxrd, Lil Toenail, Ski Mask The Slump God, among others.

The Sounds Of Rage

Upon listening to one of Cameronazi’s songs, you can immediately feel the energy. It is hard to deny and very infectious.  His style is definitively infused with metal and punk, which combines perfectly with rap. There is a certain rebellious nature to it, along with a refusal to conform to the norm. It includes blistering guitar riffs that are joined with hard hitting bass and paired with his high-energy vocals. While listening, it can feel like a roller coaster ride. Instantly, anticipation builds from the start of the song, and you’re strapped in, waiting for what lies ahead. Next, it takes off like a bullet blasting out of the barrel of a gun. A perfect example of this is the heavy-hitting song, ‘SLITYAWRIST‘, which has amassed 231,000 plays on SoundCloud, and is a part of his ‘Murder Rate‘ project.

The build-up is phenomenal. It prepares you for what is to come. Enter the chainsaw-like electric guitar that is accompanied by female screaming, which puts you in the mind of a horror movie. Adding to the fun is the gut-punching bass drop, which is enough to make it feel as if an earthquake is taking place. To top it off we hear his intense, distorted vocals, and the rest is history.  Another song that might catch you off-guard is the Rojas-produced, ‘WHODAT‘. Right off the bat, Cameronazi starts going in. The beat is brought back, which leads to a constant barrage of deep 808’s, mixed with mosh-pit-ready vocal energy, garnering him 342,000 plays on SoundCloud.

As far as where his sound comes from, Cameronazi has roots in a rock band. At the time, he was heavy into hardcore rock/punk rock; which, of course, influenced his style to come. He is inspired by KingKrule, Slipknot, XXXTENTACION, and also Crystal Castles.

He and his brother, $ubjectz, who can be found featured frequently, coined the term ‘Trap Metal’; it is the mixing of punk rock into rap. Even though vocal projection is a part of what is heard, it is not the sole component of the overall result — the stressing of an art form comes into play.  He really respects his craft and makes his music with more of a bigger picture than just ‘yelling and screaming’. Cameronazi has all the makings of a mainstay artist, and also one who can help push the boundaries of music with his style and genre-blending songs.

Give a listen to his most recent project, ‘LIVELIFEGIVEHELL‘ and definitely keep an eye out for him, as he is here to stay.

Follow Cameronazi on:

Twitter – @cameronazi6
Instagram – @cameronazi


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