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La’Britney Talks Her Journey & Upcoming Debut EP


Where did your love for music come from?

My used to always listen to Whitney Houston and she was such an amazing vocalist she made me think I could sing.

Dance is a huge part of who you are. Did you get into dance before or after you started singing?

Same time. I always sang and danced at the same time.

You’re from Detroit, what was it like growing up here for you?

Single parent household, me and my sister had each. Then I had a kid when I was a kid. It was pretty interesting.

How have you seen Detroit changed and what is it like here for you now?

The music is really growing in Detroit right now and I love it. I love the world is finally watching Detroit’s music scene.

You’re often traveling though, back and forth to LA. When you’re in LA, what do you have going on? Can you describe a typical week for you out in LA?

The same shit I do in Detroit really. Connect with my people, work on music, dance, go to the beach and smoke my trees.

Your ‘LaMix’ videos gained you worldwide attention for creating music as a one-woman-band, singing and recreating the beats of your favorite songs using things like pots, pans, and even Doritos. Was that how you originally gained traction as an artist and internet celebrity?

My LaMix did help grow my audience.

When the videos went viral, what was your first thought? What plan did you come up with to keep your newly found momentum?

I was shocked at first. I just kept getting more and more innovative and creative with every LaMix I did. Everyone loved them all.

You just starred in the movie Coffee Talk that premiered September 9th, can you tell us about your character?

My characters name is Heather, she’s a fashion designer and makes niggas fall in love.

How long did the filming take and how was the experience of filming for you?

Filming took a couple months but it was really an experience working with Kamal Smith, he’s like a big brother and I learned a lot from him when it comes to acting.

What have you learned from your journey as an artist?

To be relentless. Focus on handling yo business. Keep genuine people around you and BE YOURSELF!

You’ve done a few big collaborations recently, which one are you most excited about?

I love working with Lonnie, we have some really dope music together, he helps me create, pushes me to be better.

What’s next for you? Any big moves or projects in the works?

I’m very excited about dropping my first EP! I just wrapped up recording and shooting music videos. Are you ready????! Ahhh #LaNation

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