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How To Start A Successful Freelancing Career

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It is good to dream, hope and work towards something you strongly believe in. Since the advent of the internet and consequently, opportunities that have come with it such as freelancing, people have increasingly become more inclined towards self-employment. Some call it independent working in but whatever the case, who wouldn’t want to work on the go, anywhere and anytime. Ask anyone who has signed up with a freelance writing company like Writer Bay and they will tell you how much they love it. It is all about freedom and autonomy, to say the least. But the question is; as an aspiring freelancer, where do you begin? What did existing successful freelancers do differently when launching their career amongst the independents?

Divided but scholarly pieces of advice

Usually, those who are starting out as either full-time or part-time freelance writers take a leap into the web in search of opinions and advice that can jumpstart their career. There are so many of these that it sometimes gets confusing to launch a website in the first place. Launching a website will put you ahead of the pack in terms of exposure to direct clients or someone who is signing up to hire on own terms. What is important is that every writer, designer, marketer, and software engineer who wants to open up the frontiers of independent working must employ only those tips which are scholarly despite many of them published on the blogosphere every day.

Getting started

Taking appropriate steps will be a springboard into the realms of success in an increasingly competitive freelance world. Here are some actionable tips for getting started:

• Responsibilities that come with it
Well, the fact that you are charting your own path to self-employment free from being bossed around doesn’t mean there aren’t any responsibilities. While you will be your own boss, quality issues and payment of salaries to those you will have employed comes with a lot of responsibility. You must, therefore, start planning this out so that you not only relate well to them but also get results.

Time management skills
This is one bit of freelancing career that can throw you out of the window. Waking up at your own time is sure to bait for lazing around. So before you get started, get to know that it is no longer going to be about 8-5 job but working on your own terms and schedule. Cultivate time management skills for great success.

• Financial plan
Earning and spending everything is always a temptation in freelancing. Work on your own financial goals and walk the talk.

• Reputation building
Do your research well to avoid being misled into thinking that the world of independent working has no competition. In fact, it is even more watertight. As a client, you will be competing for the best writers but as a writer or someone specializing in any field, you have to cut your size and aim higher. Clients want people who can deliver and the only way to achieve this is by endlessly building on a reputation. From the onset, focus on delivering quality work. Ask for honest feedback from those you have worked for and keep aiming higher.

In summary, success comes at a cost even in self-employment. You must be therefore ready to implement what begets success and stick to it all through. What has been discussed in this post are some of the most crucial stepping stones to great freelancing experience and success.

Photo by Aaron Ricketts

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