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5 Concert Technologies That Enhance The Music Event Experience

Photo by Aaron Ricketts

Technology is changing the way members of the public are experiencing concerts, music festivals and other similar live music events. Attendees are no longer just satisfied with experiencing incredible AV systems or LED stage lighting. They want a more immersive experience.

Here are a few forms of technology that are infiltrating the industry.

Mobile devices

Smartphones, tablets and other similar handheld mobile devices have made it possible to perform several tasks at once. In the case of music attendees, it offers a one-stop shop for all the attendee’s needs. Other than offering users the ability to know more about an event and purchase tickets, devices also allow users to include GPS coordinates.

This feature allows users to set up meet-ups at specific locations within or near the venue.

An additional advantage to integrating the use of mobile devices in enhancing the live event experience is that it offers people the ability to share their experiences to the rest of the world. Studies indicate that concert attendees tend to use their mobile devices more during a concert. This includes texts, taking photos and using social media.

Mobile Apps

Another technology involving mobile devices includes the use of apps.App development companies are now creating apps for companies that organize concerts and other music-related events. Imagine people buying concert tickets and event merchandise by just using their smartphone or tablet. No need to leave the house, office or even the seat. Organizers can take it a step further by including maps. This would allow people to develop their routes beforehand.

As with the previous technology, the aim is to allow people to share their experiences with their family, friends or even with the public. Developing the right apps can enhance individual experiences, especially for those watching the live music event.

Streaming technology

Some experts in the music industry feared that offering streaming options could affect ticket sales. On the contrary, streaming technology has proven effective in drawing more people to see a concert.

Streaming has actually increased ticket sales by placing the notion that people need to be physically there in order to enjoy the concert or live event. More event organizers are also taking advantage of streaming as a means to advertise their future concerts and live events.

Wearable technology

A number of artists such as Coldplay and Taylor Swift are taking advantage of technology as well. During their concerts, the artists gave away wristbands that allowed fans to light up the crowd.

Wristbands and other wearables are penetrating the live event industry in other ways. Some wearables offer attendees the ability to go cashless and paperless when it comes to tickets and event merchandise. There are also devices that allow attendees to relay their experiences on social media.

Plus there are now devices that create a heat map of the event. This type of technology allows artists to see how their fans are reacting to their music. The data could then be used to modify the content being used in the concert.

Selfie Drones

People are looking for unique ways to capture their concert experience. Smartphones and tablets are currently filling that need by allowing users to take selfies during a live event. The use of drones may change that.

Organizers can utilize drones to capture images of the crowd which can be shared on social media. Unlike selfies on mobile devices or a camera, drones can take shots of a wider area. This allows fans to see and send pictures of themselves along with other members of the crowd. The result is a more accurate view of the event and offers attendees to place their personal experience in a larger context.

Concert technology is changing the way people see and experience live music events. They offer organizers more opportunities to impress music fans and make it easier to organize events. By considering and investing in these types of technologies, organizers can increase their ticket sales and profits.

Photo by Aaron Ricketts

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