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Wave Lord releases his newest project today “Wavy Forever”


Wave Lord releases his newest project today “Wavy Forever” including 8 tracks he has written, produced and mixed completely by himself.

I had a chance to speak with him and asked what inspired the name ‘Wave Lord’. He told me; “people say I’m wavy” and “the way I talk, rap, sing, my tone, just flows like a wave.” I have to agree. Wave Lord’s music is a vibe and the farthest thing away from being abrasive. His voice gently rests in the space between singing and rapping. You can hear the island influence in his music, which gives off a relaxed vibe.

Wave Lord aka Baron Longely was born and raised in The Bahamas and moved to Canada at age 19 to pursue an education in business management at Dalhousie University. He had to face the problems of a young man trying find himself in life. One thing he knew was that he always wanted to be successful, so he began expressing myself through music and decided to take his career seriously at age 21. Now 23, he’s one-and-a-half years away from graduating and is ready to take on the world, project by project.

He launched a Record Label/brand called Nova Sound Records in January 2015 with the goal of creating opportunities for artists in an area that lacks opportunities, both in Nova Scotia and in the Bahamas. Wave told me, “The name came from living in Nova Scotia; Nova means light, hence the sun being the logo.” He went on, “that was the first thing I noticed when I came here, the immense sunlight shining over all the snow on the ground.” He told me that the intense sunlight was the defining factor that made him take his life seriously and pursue music. If you’re looking to chill, take a step back, relax, then check out Wave Lord’s new project below.


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