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Four Colors Only: a sonic journey by LA-based femcee Fih


For LA native, Fih’s first release through our platform is her new EP, “Four Colors Only.” This project from the 21 year old singer/rapper is a brief but enjoyable sonic journey, exploring young adulthood, and facing challenges in the music industry.

“Four Colors Only” is the product of expression via Fih, female hip-hop artist. Her experience in the album’s production began far before a “record” button was ever pressed. From there, her struggle to place her talent in the right hands and build her sound with compatible creatives, let alone be heard and recognized as an artist, began all while arriving at new realizations of the cruelty in this new world.

Fih’s colorful sound pallet captures some of the most critical moments in young adulthood as a woman and as a creative. One can ride nostalgically beside her in songs like “Yellow Beamer,” where she transports the listener to the heart of her hometown in Los Angeles, CA. Next, take a deep dive into Fih’s perspective through love quarrels on her jazzed out cut, “Crimson Pride.”

With all production provided by Florida based producer, Say La Nos, Four Colors Only contends as a new sound in a rap era where diversity is becoming an overstatement, as Fih continues to break barriers to be heard not only as a vocalist but a competitive voice in the new age of hip-hop.

Fih has already begun production on her next album being released 2018, and continues to take on work with visually and musically creative artists as she thrives in her New York-based life. She’s worthy of your attention!

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