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Who is Kid Trunks and Why is He on Tour with Robb Bank$?


Robb Bank$ has had quite the eventful 2017, and he hopes to make it even bigger by time the year comes to a close. Most notably, 2017 saw Bank$ become a member of Birdman’s Rich Gang, he dropped his Cloverfield 2.0 EP, and hopes to release his next project, Falconia, before the year is over. Considering that the year is a little over a month away from being over, we should be expecting that mixtape to drop very soon. Something else of Robb Bank$’s that we should be eagerly anticipating is his latest Falconia Tour. The tour kicked off its first date on November 26th in Atlanta, and will kick into high gear on December 1st, playing nearly every day in a different city from then onwards. One curious name who is accompanying Bank$ on this tour happens to be Kid Trunks. Not everyone knows who Kid Trunks is right now, but believe us when we say that Kid Trunks is a name that no one will forget by time the tour is over.

Hailing from Broward County, Florida, Kid Trunks always had ambitions to be rapper and after watching 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’–as well as listening to more music as he got older–he finally decided to act on pursuing a rap career. He entered the rap scene at a fairly young age and now at age 17, his star continues to rise among the underground hip hop community. During his journey thus far, he managed to link up with XXXTentacion via a mutual lady friend. The two grew closer after X helped Kid Trunks handle a situation with a bully at his high school and from there, Kid Trunks joined X’s rap collective, Members Only. Members Only has always had a plethora of talented names attached to the brand, such as Ski Mask The Slump God, Wifisfuneral, and even Robb Bank$ himself. Their collective connection has led to the two frequently collaborating with each other, most recently on tracks like “Connisuer” and “Invisible Klip.” Bank$ seems to have been so impressed with the Florida native that he was eager to bring him on for his tour, and it’s easy to see why. It’s hard not to be impressed with a guy who has already got the underground rap scene stirring with tracks like “JACK FROST,” “ATARi,” and “TALK.” Speaking of “TALK,” this track appears to be his biggest song to date with over 3 million views on Soundcloud. These stellar tracks can be found on Kid Trunk’s debut project, The Kid Before Trunks, which he released just a couple months ago. Not taking a moment to slow down, Kid Trunks released his new single, “Pulp Fiction,” earlier this week and confirmed that he plans to drop a new album before Christmas.

Kid Trunks’s upcoming appearance on Robb Bank$’s tour is a major opportunity for the young lad to present himself to a wider audience. If what we’ve seen from Kid Trunks in the past is any indication, he will surely rise to the occasion, won’t disappoint, and give us something to talk about.


See u in a few days 🙃

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