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SilentxProcess Pays Homage To Erykah Badu With Debut EP


This project was inspired by all the things Erykah Badu’s music has gotten me through as well as all the love I have gained and lost in my twenty-five years of life. I am honored to be able to pay homage to one go the G.O.A.T’s with my God given gift of Gab and my personally honed skill set of Lyricism, Business Savvy, and Audio Engineering. This is not only a Project, but a piece of me that I believe will guide the youth through the struggle of love we have all fell victim to at some point in our life.

About SilentxProcess: Born November 20th 1992 on his mother’s 28th Birthday silentxprocesss also known as “iz” has been writing and negotiating for himself since the age of five. Moving to south Florida in 1997 (Broward County To Be exact) has given him a competitive edge on most of his competition being that he has a natural and unique voice as well as dialect, but most importantly he adapts in any environment he sees fit: he is formless. Being of Haitian Decent his work ethic is like no other, he records, engineers, consults, and relentlessly networks for himself and that has been shown throughout his years of building unbreakable relationships in south Florida and is still shown today in how he operates in his current state of residence, Charlotte NC

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Listen Here: www.soundcloud.com/silentxprocess

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