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Want a Feature on a Song with Evan the Twerkgod? Here’s how!


Are you familiar with the concept of paying it forward?

The term “pay it forward” refers to when someone does a good deed with the hope that, in turn, it creates a cycle of good deeds. Person A does a good deed for Person B, who does a good deed for Person C, and so on, and so forth. Detroit’s very own Evan the Twerkgod hopes to do something similar with his latest project. No, not a musical project, but a much more ambitious endeavor. A social experiment, if you will. Evan took to Twitter the other day to announce the #TwerkgodsPizzaChallenge.

The idea is simple. Go to a pizza place, buy a whole pizza, and give it away to someone who needs it close by, like a homeless person who looks hungry on the sidewalk. If those who commit to this challenge, capture their experience on video, post it to social media, and tag Evan in the post, they will get a FREE feature from Evan the Twerkgod himself on any song of their choosing.

In just the last couple days since Evan announced the challenge, some of his fans have already taken initiative to give back to the community. @JackmanRaps is one of them.

It doesn’t even need to be a pizza. Just grab any snack from your nearby food place and give it away, like @YungVilleDinero did. He decided to grab 10 cheeseburgers and give them away to a homeless woman who up until that point, hadn’t eaten all day. As we can see below, the #TwerkgodsPizzaChallenge movement is off to a rousing start and it is quite the uplifting sight to see in action.

The idea of getting a feature with one of the hottest underground artists in Detroit for no price at all is enticing, but the feature is beside the point. The main objective for Evan’s challenge is to give back to the community in a positive way. Evan the Twerkgod has already given us a lot in 2017 alone–what with the two music projects he dropped this year, as well as the launch of his brand new online magazine Twerkgod.com–but what makes this #TwerkgodsPizzaChallenge so different is that this time, Evan’s goal is to pay forward something special to Detroit in time for the holidays.

Evan’s intentions are entirely selfless. He’s not getting paid, and he’s not getting any clout from this. He just wants his fans to treat those in need well, and in turn, he’s going to treat them to the privilege of hopping on a song with him. If we look beyond the rewards that can be reaped from participating in Evan’s challenge, we find that Evan has crafted a movement that can inspire others to do a good deed that they otherwise would have never thought of doing. They won’t just be getting a song with Evan the Twerkgod out of it. They’ll be putting a smile on the face of a homeless person in need, and filling their bellies. That, truly, is the gift that keeps on giving.

So go ahead. Join the movement. Participate in #TwerkgodsPizzaChallenge.

Pay it forward.

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