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Lit Late Nite Vol.4


Lit Late Nite is back! With Thanksgiving now behind us, the turn up returns. This week’s list is nothing short of what has came in weeks past: fire! The playlist is definitely a variety of sorts to choose from. It is also only right to mix things up and include artists that may not be so familiar as well as artists you know. Here at Emcee Network, we’re going to make sure we get you right and to get you ready to bring in December with a bang! As always, the artists that may not look the most recognizable are going to be listed below with their: names, cities/state, twitter handles, and also their soundcloud links. Support the artists, share/rt/repost/like on social media, follow us on soundcloud and importantly: turn the volume up and get ‘Lit Late Nite’!

New York


Lil Xan
Redlands, CA


Chicago, IL


Fabi Dhabi
Orlando, FL


Wolverhampton, U.K.


Lancaster, PA



Curated by: Ray Huff (@RaysRevenge_)

Rayge, aka Ray Huff always has his eyes and ears on the streets. Music and all it encapsules is his passion; that paired with his affinity for sharing information is why he's on the EMCEE team. Currently, he has the role of being an A&R for @AliasOfficial15, @vtliendesign and @Bili_Rose. Also, Ray is a Social Media Director for EMCEE Network and writing contributor. Rayge does music reviews as well. He is a man of many interests and is active with pushing the culture of not only the city of Detroit, but also for the youth in general.

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