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Third Leg Greg is making waves and 2018 will not go without a tsunami


Florida rapper Third Leg Greg is making waves and this coming year, 2018 will not go without a tsunami. Working on his debut album “PORNSTAR”,  19 year old Greg is walking on water right now. From humble beginnings of rapping in high school and getting noticed by DJ Flipp who produces for rapper Lil Yachty, he now is on to his first project which will be available digitally and in stores. All his beats are made by the music team OMU (Only Moving UP)  and as member of rap collective BRKFST he also found time to put out his first single “The Man” and “Bike” that charted top 10 Apple music streams and gained radio play for “The Man” and “Scandal”.

The 19 year old has not stopped swimming towards success. “PORNSTAR” will feature artists including but not limited to, Chxpo and Greg hopes BASE GOD as well. Emcee got to speak with Third Leg Greg about what he hopes to bring to the music scene with his self proclaimed type of rap “nasty rap”,  his influences, as well sexuality in rap.

You’ve said you wouldn’t call your genre of music “trap rap” but instead “nasty rap” what makes you say that?

Everyone is rapping about drugs and killing people so I had to step out and make something no has touched before… my music is nasty, it’s for freaks. I don’t look to gain fans I look to gain freaks, my music is for freaks everywhere that need a good laugh… being normal is boring.

What influenced you to break out into this type of rap, who out there inspires you right now?

Honestly, my favorite genre is old school R&B, I’m a big Earth, Wind, and Fire fan but Tyler the Creator has definitely influenced me and I feel has open a door for artists now to be themselves and their true inner freak as well as BROCKHAMPTON. BASE GOD is an artist I admire and hope to collaborate with one day as well as but Chxpo has also had a big influence on me and he will be featured on PORNSTAR.

In your song Scandal you say “kissing someone’s dad and making his mouth wet like a fish”… were you afraid of backlash for that lyric?

Like I said my music is nasty and is for freaks, I’m a fan of BROCKHAMPTON and Kevin Abstract for being so open and rapping about being gay but I myself am straight and  I said it because I didn’t know who else would. Not everything is meant to be taken seriously.

As you’ve become more recognizable has your life changed?

No, at first being more in the public eye draws more people in your life that just want to take up your time and while being known brings in girls, having sex anytime I could for the hell of it got boring. I’ve been in a relationship for over a year now and I’m happy with the people I have around me.

When can we expect to see PORNSTAR online and in stores?

I have no idea…as of right now the date is not set. It’ll be out as soon as it’s ready, we’re still working on finishing it but very soon. Like the rest of my music it will be available on Apple music, Spotify, etc but also in stores. I don’t have a SoundCloud though because everyone has one, I feel it’s time to put my name on the radar and be as possible.

If you can’t wait, in the meantime while PORNSTAR is still in the works you can catch Third Leg Greg on December 22nd playing at Club Ono in Orlando Florida.

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