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070 and the New Age of Music Culture

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New Jersey based collective, 070, have been steadily reigning in a culture of dynamic unity and worldly consciousness, providing a trendsetting sound and movement that is all their own.

A$AP Mob. Odd Future. Pro Era. These are just a few of the collectives that have broken into mainstream relevance over the last five years. What 070 has in common with these groups is that they all have a purpose, a distinct identity, and individuals with leadership qualities, while maintaining a sense of family.

Enter 070 Shake. Shake is still growing into her role as the postergirl and potential leader of the 070 collective, thus far releasing several singles that have accumulated tens of millions of streams. In December of 2015, 070 Shake and 070 Phi dropped their first hit, “Sunday Night”, later earning placements with Erykah Badu and Madeintyo. Shake would shortly after go on to score her second hit, “Make It There”, all while going on her first major tour around North America, opening for The 1975.

Leading up to the collective’s first project, 070 looked to establish their sound while continuing to push the envelope and bring forth new styles, and they did just that while scoring their third hit, “Honey”. On “Honey”, Shake, Ralphy River, Hack, and Treee Safari delivered a sneak peak of the firepower these artists have while working together, and behind production from The Kompetition, 070 would take on a dark, dancefloor R&B-like vibe with their first joint project, The 070 Project: Chapter 1.

A collective unit of talent grows together, and the growth of 070 is laid in front of you on The 070 Project: Chapter 1. Consisting of tracks featuring 070 members Shake, Ralphy River, Treee Safari, Phi, Malick, Beheard, Bhee, Hack, and Razsy Beats, Shake has said “Nothing here was forced. Us coming together, having the same vision and fitting well into one another’s sound… it manifested organically”. With the arrival of The 070 Project: Chapter 1, 070 established a concrete sound for the collective to expand upon.

With a love for their music and an interest in how the group interacts on a deeper level, Emcee spoke with member 070 Treee Safari to learn more about what could be the next big collective.

Emcee: What’s the dynamic of the group like, both in a casual and a musical sense?

Treee Safari: “I mean, 070 as a collective is spiritual and motivational family with ourselves, you know? We all came together and for it to be so many of us we share a lot of the same values as far as world peace and bettering the world through music. There truly is No “I” in TEAM.

I love these motherfuckers with all my heart. I def feel like we’re soulmates.”

Have any info on your upcoming project?

“I’m getting ready to put out my first solo project and I’m really excited. It’s going to be entitled “The Pure Intentions EP” I definitely experimented with a different sound (and) I love every bit of the evolution.”

Is there anybody you’d like to shout out?

“Shout out to my mother first of all for always holding me down when I need her. My brother Khay9 for keeping me on my toes and keeping me motivated. YesJulz and the 1AMCreative agency for their constant support. 070 for their constant love and push of faith and direction. I couldn’t have done half of the things I’ve done without any of you. And there are others who may ready this who will remain nameless but if you’re reading this you know who you are and you know how you’ve contributed to me sprouting as an artist and I thank you. Love always, Treee Safari of 070”


You can listen to 070 Treee’s new song “Like Me” below, and stay on the lookout for her upcoming EP, ‘The Pure Intentions’. 

Other members of 070, such as Ralphy River, Phi, BeHeard, and Shake have recently dropped or are gearing up for the release of more music. Ralphy dropped the single “Moans” in October, Phi just dropped his album Sounds of the Youth, BeHeard recently put out a video for “Mill Ticket”, and Shake has been working hard on a new project due for release before the end of 2017. Clearly, the 070 collective are dedicated to putting out fresh, innovative content, and the thought of what they can bring from both an individual and a team level is truly exciting.

In what could be described as 070’s ultimate purpose, Shake has been quoted for saying  “We know why we are here, our destiny is inevitable. We represent freedom. We just want people to enjoy the music and be free”. If 070 remains to be consistent with their output and spiritually focused, we believe they can continue building upon their foundation to become the next big collective in the new age of music culture.

Born in Portland Oregon, Joe Reitan was raised to fulfill his sense of freedom and ambition. He moved to Eastern Washington as a teen, going down several paths such as computer engineering, competitive football and baseball, and was successful in his local FBLA and DECA clubs on a state level. At 18, Joe took steps towards his real passion, music. Creating his own website to post his content as he dove ever deeper into the world of music, he looked to bypass the traditional ways of life that he felt were so unfit for him.

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