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Biance Badd Talks New EP, New Baby and Her Thoughts On Detroit


What can we expect from “Faded”, The EP?

My fans can expect a lot of originality and sexiness. Faded, The EP gives vibes that can’t be matched. I’ve taken my time with this project to make sure I’m putting out my best work.

Do you have a release date yet?
December 19

What was the inspiration behind the project?

My inspiration stems from my past. I usually write from past events whether it was good or bad. I also have a single, entitled Faded, that received a lot of great reviews. The video was sexy, and the lyrics were seductive. To piggy back off that, I wanted to do a Faded project to keep the same energy.

Check out the music video for her single from the EP, “Hard” featuring M-City Jr.

On Welcoming A Daughter

You and RJ Lamont just welcomed a daughter into your family, what has it been like for you being a new mother?

I feel like Superwoman! Being a mom is magical! It brings on a lot of feelings that I can’t quite put into words. RJ and I are first time parents and we are just taking it day by day, becoming the best parents for Riley.

Do you have any concerns about the future that you didn’t have before you had a child?

I don’t have too many concerns, but I do feel like nothing can stop me now. I have something to live for! Before Riley, I met my goals on my time and as I saw fit. Since Riley, everything is about her. Every move I make is with her in mind. With that said, I am making sure to accomplish all my goals to give Riley the life she deserves.

Have you made any major changes in your outlook or approach to life in general as the result of becoming a mother?

Of course! Everything has changed for the better. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I began changing. I work a lot harder now! I have a daughter to provide for. It’s not just me anymore; I have a family.

On The Let Us Be Great Showcase

Can you tell me about the intention of the Let Us Be Great Showcase?

The mission for the Let Us Be Great Showcase is to provide a platform for emerging artists in Michigan. I have the longest running showcase of its kind. I provide prizes to winners that will help them continue succeeding in their careers. Some of the prizes include: studio session provided by Helluva, promo videos, live interviews and photoshoots. Detroit is a city that has always been full of talent. We are just now getting light shined on us, and I am definitely proud that I helped shine that light in some way.

Are there any female MCs you plan to or want to showcase in the city?

Yes, I plan to have Rocky Badd, Crystal the Doll and maybe a few other upcoming MCs in the city.

What’s your opinion of being a woman in the hip hop industry?

Being a woman, in general, is hard work. So, coming into a predominantly male playground makes it tough. We just have to work twice as hard and I’m okay with that. Women are getting a lot more shine, though. Just like with the all-female Hip Hop cypher on BET. Seeing stuff like that is heartwarming, especially when your city is highlighted.

What’s one piece of advice you have for other female MCs starting out?

I would let female artists know that, it’s not a race. Everything happens on Gods time. Don’t be so eager to compete with the next person. Dimming someone else’s light, won’t help you shine.

On Detroit

What was it like growing up in Detroit for you?

Growing up in Detroit was very different. I grew up on the Eastside poor and moved around a lot my entire life. I grew up in what we refer to as “The Ghetto” and watched both parents struggle with drug addictions. I had both good and bad days and I learned a lot from the streets of Detroit. I think that’s what motivates me the most because I understand the struggle and grind. I’m going hard for me and especially Riley now. I want to make sure she has a better life than I had.

From when you started till now, what do you think has changed in the city and in the scene?

I think the respect level went up for Detroit. We have always been a talented city, all the way back in the Motown days. I’m not sure where it dropped at, but we are back out here. Detroit is one of the most fastest growing cities, musically, again. They are finally paying attention to us again.

Where do you see the Detroit hip hop scene going in the coming years?

I see our talents going far. We have a headlining roster with acts like Tee Grizzley, Dej Loaf, Neisha Neshae and Kash Doll to name a few. Detroit is back with a vengeance! The talent here is undeniable. I want to see everybody win and I’m pretty sure that is going to happen.

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