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Detroit Lines Drops Their First Track “KO”


At long last, the first track from the mysterious and communication-savvy group Detroit Lines has arrived. Listen to “KO” here.

Although it’s nearly impossible to discern exactly who is in the group, which is one of the best parts in my opinion, based on the photo we can assume that Black Noi$e had something to do with it, and probably his friend and Red Bull Radio collaborator skywlkr (their show, appropriately titled DM Nation, aired for the first time on October 22nd and featured a Spongbob/Lil Pump mashup that made more sense than it seems like it should).


While we can’t confirm who else might’ve assisted on the track, we also don’t really care, because it slaps regardless. If your curiosity is killing you, be sure to hit up Bruiser Thanksgiving on November 22nd to see who shows up for the set. The show, serving as Danny Brown’s annual celebration, will also feature the likes of John FM and none other than LilBtheBasedGod.

Get tickets here and be sure to look out for more from whoever the fuck made this track.

*updated below with some more clues*

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