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Andre 3000 Releases A New Shoe Collection For The Holidays


Andre 3000 is not just known for hit songs but for his fashion sense. So this year when he joined Swedish footwear company “Tretorn” as their new creative collaborator it was a no brainer. After joining Tretorn he appeared in an ad campaign for their fall collection. Now just in time for the holidays Andre launched his first shoe collection with the Swedish brand.

The new collection is called “I Andre Benjamin will not draw in class.” The new sneakers have personal touches from Andre himself. He designed sketches for the shoes and the logo that is on the box they come in. Andre released a statement saying; “Growing up we’d put our personal stamp onto the blank canvas of the Nylite and I’d sketch out my own designs. This collaboration felt like fun because it brought me back to that place of personalizing these original designs.”

The new collection features 10 different designs that have Velcro high tops, and rugby striped shoes. There’s also quilted suede designs as well. Andre’s new footwear prices range from $85-$250, and can be found on tretorn.com.

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