‘Lit Late Nite’ is back! Still with the intent to cater to those that like to have music to turn up to for the latter part of the day, the playlist brings you some familiar sounds as well as those that may be new to you. Nonetheless, there is something here for everyone. The music here is suitable for pre-gaming for the weekend or maybe even having this ready on the way to or at parties. No matter the preference, the music here is sure to get you “Lit Late Nite”.

Below, there will be mention of artists who may not be so familiar (and some that are), including their: names, cities they’re repping, Twitter/Instagram handles and Soundcloud link. Feel more than free to share with others, tweet/post on social media, look into the artist, follow Emcee Network on SoundCloud and most importantly blast the music loud! Once again, the soundtrack to your night is here and will be every Thursday!


$ki Mask The Slump God
Broward County, FL

Denzel Curry
Carol City, FL

Icewear Vezzo
Detroit, MI

Long Beach, CA
@pierrexjacques (Instagram)

Fairless Hills, PA

Prada Child
Warren, OH

Philo B.
North Miami, FL

Toronto, ON, CN

Chinedu Onome
Washington, D.C.

Sheck Wes
Harlem, NY, NY

Toronto, ON, CN

Jordan Solomon
Toronto, On, Cn

Dillan Ponders
Toronto, On, Cn

Miami, FL

Curated by: Ray Huff (Twitter: @RaysRevenge__)

Rayge, aka Ray Huff always has his eyes and ears on the streets. Music and all it encapsules is his passion; that paired with his affinity for sharing information is why he's on the EMCEE team. Currently, he has the role of being an A&R for @AliasOfficial15, @vtliendesign and @Bili_Rose. Also, Ray is a Social Media Director for EMCEE Network and writing contributor. Rayge does music reviews as well. He is a man of many interests and is active with pushing the culture of not only the city of Detroit, but also for the youth in general.

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