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OG of the Year Award: Redman (HM: Taylor Dall) “Got bitten by a ghost and farted on it”


Sup guys? The title may be misleading but follow me real fast:

Just wanted to drop some knowledge on the younger generation that may lack direction or the “know-how” of how to move your brands and products; either just starting out or if you have a project, ready to be pushed and published.

I was watching the latest Breakfast Club episode featuring one of raps, greatest: Redman. Some of the younger generation may not know about the mad influence he had on the rap culture and how it was harder in the past for artists. Most of us know of his collectives’ antics and style, ranging from old shaolin martial art influenced bars to, pot head filled segway skits. The latter was more frowned upon in the era their music was relevant in. Where as now, when there are more independent brands versus binded with the industry; we see artists sponsor marijuana all the time.

NEW TERM: Microwave Rappers (Hot today, Cold tomorrow)

Onward. Reggie N. touched on a ton of inspiring topics that needs to be heard, especially for artists! Yet, fans alike should take in the knowledge to understand how their support can be taken more efficiently! Join us in Redmans’ moment:

The episode began on the topic of Eminem and spoke about how one of the main artists Em feels is better than him is Redman and when I heard this, it struck a chord with me because the one artist I always felt could body Eminem would be Redman!

| How the new Wu-Tang album started off as a Red VS Math project |
(Thus reveals why Red has more verses than RZA this time around)
| The Industry is shit | “Lesson Learned”

Charlamagne (reciting Red): At my age, I’m just tryna make bread and I don’t care about being nice at 40.

Why the industry is shit, by Redman: The industry operates on a “What CAN make money right now!?” basis. “They want artists to have views already and represent the industry standards instead of judging raw potential and skill. Which in turn, would result in sales’ longevity. “Labels don’t build artists anymore!” said Redman.

“When I hear a DJ say, ‘We’re gonna take it back…!’ and they play Migos – Versace, It’s a problem in the industry…”

| Holding Down Your Brand w/ Background | “Jersey Veterans”
Lyrics: Tryna be nice at 40 | You could have it all shorty | I’m tryna make his story (history) *consistency is the key to this verse.

There are artists over 40 that are still heavily involved in the hip-hop community: Queen Latifah, Naughty By Nature, Joe Budden & Rah Digga! There seems to be a lack of “work” in the current generations’ gap besides Fetty Wap. …guess the rest got swept under the rug with the popularity of the south.

|Redman on Performing Artists|

“You want to establish a brand that works for you. You don’t want to rely on touring, just to survive daily. Live modest. Opening business deals, partnerships and opening opportunities is the smart way to utilize ones celebrity.” Take notes on recognized talent: KRS-ONE is the reason Redman and Method Man “body” performances.

Real-Estate: Make sure to invest in a location that you can purchase with low maintenence-cost.

Investments: 2-11 Media Group is a heavy, non-profit that operates as a workshop for the youth and independent. “Build up and invest in your community.” They have held this business ethic for ten years. “Don’t put out an album and then book a tour. It’s more profitable to release singles bi-yearly and tour them for a couple of years to reach a broader audience. Your fans want you to supply. [your product]” Snoop, B-Real, Meth and Red were the first to break out the “weed movement” in hip-hop. Though, cut out of endorsements, they sacrificed them for the culture.”

| Is That What We Do Now? |

Don’t do music unless your trying to make a contribution or a change. Not to make money. “Your market may not be America…rappers lip syncing…’ ‘…don’t go over seas lip syncing.’ ‘They think it’s boring.’ ‘Get your wind up! Go to the gym!”

Check out Redmans’ “Muddy Waters” project!

When you want to test your “celebrity” try the “Leap of Faith Challenge” (The ‘Leap of Faith can only be performed by performing artists. This is when; artists stand on something stationary that is at least 12 feet taller than the stage and crowd dive to test your “supporters”)

The interview ended on a “gay fly” tip or “fruit fly” as they are known on the streets. There was a story about a female ghost that bit his ass right after he farted, it’s really something you should check out.




|Honorable Mention: Taylor Dall|

One person I wanted to mention that is already in the lane, Redman was speaking about:

EMCEE Network has been a great piece of the successes for tons of artists in Detroit as you can see. It’s co-owner and founder, Taylor Dall has done a phenomenal job building and creating what we have presented to us today. Prior to being the hit it is today, she manages a few artists herself; such as Evan The Twerkgod. Thanks to her team of power players, she has landed her brand on the red carpets of BET Hip Hop Awards! She has supporters all across the nation and thus how she managed to pull off such a feat! (Shout out to Shay Scene (@shayscenests) who previously worked for XXXTentacion’s publicist.)

We’ve been watching her blossom and honor her name knowing her potential. Just check out some of the things she has been putting together and her thought process:

It’s much like the journey and the destination metaphor. A successful journey is destination after destination after destination. What gets us to each of those destinations is hard work and determination. The “doing” is more honorable than the “outcome” because without the work the outcome wouldn’t be the same. Without the “doing” there is no award, no money, no recognition, no opportunities.

For example, last weekend my company EMCEE covered the BET Hip Hop Awards. No, we didn’t get paid to do it but that was a huge deal to be invited as Press to such a prestigious event. With or without money, that was a success in my book and is another step in the direction of future revenue.

Success is not 100% based on how much you make but how many opportunities you can open up for yourself through your work ethic, knowledge and drive. Don’t get down on yourself for not being exactly where you want to be because you’ll never be exactly where you want to be.. you’ll always want more. Be proud and grateful that you’re pursuing and living your dreams, whatever that may look like.”

Recently, she got a chance to get in an interview with “Beauty is a CYN” and in it, she discusses her rise and triumphs to the beautiful public figure she is now!
– DeAngilo

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