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Four Music Projects Perfect For The Fall Season


Fall is pretty underrated as far as seasons go. For those that love the crisp mornings, bright leaves constantly flying around, and are in need of a fresh Fall soundtrack, here’s our selection of the best new music perfect for playing all season long.

Tyler, The Creator – Flower Boy


Let’s start with the obvious one. We knew this would be a Fall jam the day it released, in July. If the warm cover art alone doesn’t get you in the mood for some Fall relaxation, you might as well sleep all season. With Flower Boy, Tyler, The Creator takes on a soundscape that feels new to him but is equally an evolution of everything Tyler’s done leading up to this point. Start to finish, Flower Boy is an album that can fit into any Autumn mood, and really is perfect for all times of day, be it first thing in the morning or last thing at night.


dvsn – The Morning After 


OVO prospects dvsn are an R&B duo who recently released their second full-length project, The Morning After. The album is moody, raw, and highly impactful from the very first song. Dvsn often provides stunning visuals to go along with their music, and for this album, the duo were inspired by the aesthetic of foreign films from Latin-American, European, and Asian countries. The Morning After is a perfect R&B album for the Fall, and with it dvsn continue their steady rise in popularity.


Trippie Redd – A Love Letter To You 2


Someone whose rise in the ranks has been much less gradual, Trippie Redd, released A Love Letter To You 2 the follow-up A Love Letter To You which dropped in the Spring. Between then and now, Trippie Redd has seen an exponential rise in popularity while continuing to refine his cryptic, shouting vocals, oddly calming melodies, and sticky hooks. On A Love Letter To You 2, Trippie Redd isn’t too quick to embrace mainstream success, mainly working with underground artists and often tapping into some deep emotions and experiences. If you’re looking for the next wave of alternative trap rap and R&B to get into for the Fall, look no further than Trippie Redd.



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PARTYNEXTDOOR’s Seven Days EP is another project with an extremely cinematic feel to it. Partynextdoor is known for writing a lot of big hits, but his own songs have a special vibe to them that will never get old. This EP in particular is seven songs and only 28 minutes long, making it a viable listen no matter the occasion. In case there wasn’t enough R&B for you on this list, this project is solid across the board. Party’s Seven Days EP no doubt will be a great fit for these upcoming breezy Autumn nights.

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