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U.K. Singer Kamille Releases “Body” Positive Music Video

“Body” is the debut single for behind the scenes songwriter Kamille featuring Avelino and activist Munroe Bergdorf

Camille Purcell, better known by her stage name Kamille, is not new to the music scene by any means. She is an ASCAP award-winning British singer, songwriter, vocal arranger and vocal producer that has worked with artists such as Little Mix, Leona Lewis and Rita Ora. She is a skilled artist whose influence permeates through each of the singles she has had a hand in writing and producing. This skill and ability to tell an intricate story through lyrics is highlighted through her debut single “Body”.

Kamille pairs a soulful, R&B track, soaked in melancholic vocals, with a powerfully simplistic video celebrating the uniqueness that comes from embracing diversity. The futuristic tones and intense pauses are backed with a futuristic, electro-pop rhythm that has listeners vibing within the first few seconds of the track. This creates the perfect backdrop for lyrics that put shallow men on blast and celebrates self-love in the best way.

Kamille shared her inspiration for Body with The Fader, explaining that it is “about my own personal experiences, as well as those of others. It’s about the way it feels when someone looks at you and makes a judgement before getting to know you. We all have things about our appearance that speak louder than we want sometimes.” With an Avelino interlude short of genius and a cast of peole of all shapes, ages and abilities, including activist Munroe Bergdorf, this video is a strong first step into the realm of solo artistry.

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