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TruFit: Providing Above the Norm Fitness


Proper health and fitness are critical to living a happy, fulfilling life, and TruFit is one company taking big strides to ensure you get the best options possible.

With TruFit you’re given the opportunity and resources to exercise and engage with highly motivating and like-minded individuals. TruFit is a lifestyle, and with that lifestyle comes the accountability and drive needed to be the best you that you can be.

Enroll in proven fitness classes such as the Free 7 Day Shred Program or the Annual 21 Day Mom Makeover, which includes 21 days of nutrition, unlimited classes, and bonuses with a $400 grand-prize package for the transformation winner! Find routines that are scalable to your fitness level and doable in less than hour long sessions. TruX, TruFit’s staple strength and cardio workout is guaranteed to make you sweat and is expertly optimized for fat loss and toning.  TruFit even offers Glow Boxing, an exciting workout with a lights down, music up atmosphere.

Thanks to dedicated staffing and highly effective fitness systems, TruFit has seen extremely impressive growth as a company over the past five years. Now with 10 locations in two states, there are several TruFit gyms around the Detroit area. “TruFit is my family away from home”

Founded by Tyler Koronich, TruFit has seen success behind a passionate and ambitious leader. The 27 year old entrepreneur is still young and has the vision to provide a cutting edge and above the norm level of fitness.

TruFit prides itself in being above the norm. No gimmicks, just sustainable results. With a friendly atmosphere, TruFit delivers a fitness experience that can’t be beat. TruFit offers true above the norm health, community, and fitness. TruFit helps break mental barriers and brings forth life changing experiences. The future is TruFit.

Visit Trufitstudio.com or follow @trufitfitness to get on the right path to finding your fitness family.

Born in Portland Oregon, Joe Reitan was raised to fulfill his sense of freedom and ambition. He moved to Eastern Washington as a teen, going down several paths such as computer engineering, competitive football and baseball, and was successful in his local FBLA and DECA clubs on a state level. At 18, Joe took steps towards his real passion, music. Creating his own website to post his content as he dove ever deeper into the world of music, he looked to bypass the traditional ways of life that he felt were so unfit for him.

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