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DREADSPERADO Creates A Three-Part Music Video with “My Arts My Rules”


(Source: AudibleAddixion.com)

Detroit native Cel-Man Iller, Tha Immortal recently dropped a music video for “My Arts My Rules” (A compilation of 3 songs), produced by King Yosef. The hazy and haunting video is an experimental visual project with retro editing and filters, making it a stand out feature among other videos of the hip hop genre. The video includes three tracks in one; Exodus, Alpha, and Zendikar. Each has their own elements of dark design but fit together almost seamlessly in the project. All of the video’s are direct ports of the originals released by King Yosef but the vocals add an awesome touch.

Cel told CYT Magazine and Emcee Network that he had taken the project to Chicago recently to perform it in front of G.O.O.D Music’s (Kanye West) manager, Malik Yusef. Which Cel went on to win first place. Thanks to the Coast2Coast plug, we got some visuals of Cel on the track and it looks phenomenal!

Throughout his career, Iller has collaborated with many artists and even had his hand in producing, but recently has switched focus completely to his solo career, even releasing an album in 2012 consisting of 240 songs–completed in just two months. Iller’s most recent record, “I Wish My Brother David Was Here”, exposed the artist on an emotional level, and was created in honor of his recently passed play-brother. “It was my mixtape, Trip Trap that got me to where I am now though.”

Since it’s release, Cel has been co-signed by 50 Cent & Danny Brown .

Things up next for Cel-Man will be his appearance in the Global 12 Tournament in the UK for 2018. UK agency, Shodement picked Cel to perform, he will be accompanied along with 2-Xclusive & will be representing the USA in the tournament against artists from England, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Italy, France, Portugal, Denmark, ,Scotland, Nigeria & China! Things are heating up in the US as well w/ Cel and X performing on the Showcase Tour that travels all across the country.

Stay on the look out for the #OnlyNDetroit Vol. 2 mixtape! In the meanwhile, enjoy Vol. 1: www.datpiff.com/Cel-Man-Iller-OnlyNDetroit-Mixtape-Vol-1-mixtape.849143.html

Currently, Tha Immortal has been releasing products at an unfathomable rate. An EP for G.O.O.D Music is in the works. In early 2017 he released one EP, "Action Bastard" that was released in partnership with TuneCore & BandCamp, plus he also released 3 mixtapes in partnership with DatPiff, BandCamp, AudioMack & YouTube (W.C.H.B.M, Trip Trap & OnlyNDetroit Vol. 1) After that he released "Trip Trap" co-signed by ThisIs50.com Also under the alias, Mitsurugi Kazumaru. Tha Immortal has been making more partnership deals than ever before. Releasing an upcoming clothing line, creating a virtual and physical publication that focuses on "The unheard and slept on" music scene in Detroit, Mi and as well, outsourcing talent to help find more exposure.

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