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Cla$$ical drops new “700” Collection


Q: Would you say people will still be self-conscious with what they wear 30 years from now?
A: Of course. I mean, maybe it’ll get better? It all depends who the individual is putting themself around. People are so judgemental when it comes to what people wear, that’s lame to me. Wear whatever the hell you want.

Q: What has changed since we first spoke in February?
A: I feel like my mindset just evolved from what it was, I started taking things a lot more seriously. Still taking my time though.

Q: You have a collaboration with Evan The Twerkgod coming up, how do you feel about it?
A: I’m excited! This’ll be my second collab’ with a local. I’m considering releasing my ski mask with it, we’ll see.

Q: When can we expect that collaboration to drop?
A: Now that I’ve put out my “700” collection it’s the next piece I wanna put out. Expect it to release a week or two into October.

Q: It’s rumored you won’t collaborate with brands, only musicians. Is this true?
A: I’ve heard this so many times and I have no clue where it came from, no it’s not true. Although I’d much rather work with musicians I’m not opposed to brands!

Q: Where do you see yourself in ten years?
A: I read in a SSENSE interview with Ian Connor talking about how the future is already written, so it is what it is! I try to live by that, comprehending the future stresses me out but as for my brand I’ll keep releasing pieces until who knows.

Q: In the world of brands, who’s up next?
A: I couldn’t say even if I wanted to, anyone can get exposure but the people determine a brands fate.
Q: Who’s your best friend(s) in the fashion/music industry?
A: Fue Fetti, cap$ !

Q: What will we expect to see this winter?
A: Not sure, expect a pop-up shop party type deal to happen within the next 3 weeks though.

Purchase “700” on CLASSICAL.ML

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