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Gabi Fresh & Nicolette Mason Drop the Premme Fall Lookbook


When style icons, bloggers and besties Gabi and Nicolette, partnered up to create their clothing line, Premme, this summer, the plus size fashion world could not get enough. With their launch selling out and willing shoppers crashing the site in minutes, these ladies not only blessed closets around the world, they proved that plus size fashion sells. Premme takes styles usually reserved for straight sizes, such as cut outs, crop tops and embellished details, and places them on diverse bodies. They did not shy away from breaking fashion rules and they created a collection that spoke to their combined personal style.

Fast forward a few months and Premme is back with more! Gabi and Nicolette have debuted their 2017 Fall Collection Lookbook that brings the vibrancy of summer into this new season. The lookbook has an air of the 70’s era, with big hair, platform boots and a set design that emanates a feeling of nostalgia. The pieces are as incredible as imagined – sheer patterned body suits, pleated skirts in vibrant hues and bell-bottom silhouettes that will take Fall closets to the next level.


Premme did not disappoint with their second installment, now available up to a size 6X! This ever inclusive brand is a shinning light in the plus size fashion industry as it shows that well though out, unapologetic fashion is in demand and plus size consumers will line up in hoards to purchase it. Aside from taking fashion risks on fuller figured bodies, Premme is adding the “cool factor” to plus size fashion, a welcome and refreshing change.

Check out the new 2017 Fall Collection lookbook here and shop the collection here!

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