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He does what he wants, and doesnt care if you cry… Lil Uzi Vert’s ‘Luv is Rage 2’


“Whats my dream for 2017? Nothing I live in the moment I don’t think that far,…..”

With the way Lil Uzi Vert’s 2017 is going, living in the moment is working for him. If you haven’t caught the wave by now Symere Woods–aka Lil Uzi Vert released his first album ‘Luv Is Rage 2’ on August 25, 2017 through Generation Now and Atlantic Records. Pain, joy, guilt, all jumbled up spills out over verses in LIR2. On songs like “X” co-produced by Metro Boomin and Pierre Bourne (Magnolia) Uzi talks about break up texts and the single life, mixed in with gratitude for the life he lives today and never getting back with his former girlfriend. Of the 16 tracks LIR2 only has two guest appearances; Pharrell Williams on “Neon Guts” and The Weeknd on “Unfazed”. “Neon Guts” is another declaration that Uzi is vital to the new wave of rap and Skateboard P tags in and out to make sure you know he’s been on them for years.

“The Feeling Is Mutual” is straight-forward, shooting back at lames and haters.. even lightly addressing The Migos x DJ Akademiks x Joe Budden beef over “Bad n Boujee”. “How to talk” co-produced by Wondagurl (No Favors) and Francis Got Heat and “Malfunction” may be the two most personal songs on the LP covering his relationship woes. Listening to LIR2 puts you in the passenger seat as Uzi Uber rides you through his mind.

The Philadelphia native goes back to his roots on “Dark Queen” thanking his parents specifically his Mother for raising him, and the sole reason he decided not to commit suicide. Lil “Uzi”: for his machine gun-like rapping style-gives his fans some advice on broken relationships and gives them solace because that’s “The Way Life Goes”.

“Early 20 Rager” is a perfect track that shows off Vert’s unique style with an extended hook and chant-like cadence–plus flaunts his money with massive flexing. “For real” is the evil twin brother of the prior, letting rappers and “broke fakers” know he makes and has cheese.. well… for real.

“Two” is the first song that initially starts off setting the table taking his well-deserved place in rap. “444+222” knocks that table over with its controversial title but, digresses to shouting out Jay-Z’s new album, and gives the haters another pounding as Vert straight up flexes his tour money and power in the rap game.

The now two-time MTV VMA award winner with two platinum singles “Money Longer” and “You Was Right” is looking to go platinum again with another dynamic duo. “Sauce it up” and “No Sleep Leak” are the joints you’ll hear banging at the parties and at red lights as these two upbeat tracks are the Wade and Kyrie to XO Tour Llif3’s Lebron. Speaking of “XO Tour Llif3”, produced by TM88 of 808 Mafia, is still the most put together track on LIR2. The perfect melody and expression of pain hidden in a catchy hook “XO Tour Llif3” ends the album as it should.

Five projects, one official album, two platinum singles, and two MTV VMA awards later Lil Uzi Vert has earned his spot in this world and apparently many others. With all he’s accomplished so far it’s safe to say he’s going way up, and will only come down when he wants to. We will be living in the moment with Lil Uzi Vert because apparently that’s the only way to live. LIR2.

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