Edwardius, a name uncommon to many; soon to be heard by all. A promising creative from the city of Detroit.

With holding the title as being a creative, quite often when you meet someone new they ask about who you are and what you do; leading to listing your credentials of what you have done. Either you’re a graphic designer, illustrator, painter, with the list to go on. Yet we often forget that ‘creative’ is an encompassing term that can fit into a a multitude of aspects, Edwardius, also known as ‘fivexthirteen’ is defining that just well. The Detroit native who keeps motivated by the help and blessings of his supportive peers, contributing to the youth and culture by staying true to his art with adamant representation.

Receiving a great response by everyone he meets, networking has been vital to the line of his work.

“I’ve recently been inducted into #ArtTrap, which is an eclectic mix of artists with different strengths, which keeps things fresh.” Constantly progressing.”


When asked “What can be expected in the future? His Response was:

“I’m going to keep it interesting, I won’t reveal all my evil-genius plans, but I am working on new art pieces and merchandise, an event and even showcases of my own. I really want to mix up what’s expected at an art show or gallery, and bring different elements into the venue like installations and interactive events. Growing up in Detroit, graffiti is really ingrained into my personal style and I’m gearing up to take it back to the outside again with murals. Branching out, and looking to do more curating & creative/art direction.”


EMCEE is proud to present Edwardius M. a consistent creative proudly representing Detroit.

Artist statement:

Some my personal favorite works have come out of moments in between all the noise. As with any creative, I get moments of artist block, and art is just as much about expression as it is perception. I try and challenge myself to approach concepts and projects from different points and shake thin.

But on the design side of things, fivethirteen started off out of necessity with me needing a umbrella  as a “house” for my design and graphic work I was doing at the time. It was what became to be my calling card. Word of mouth has been pivotal in business for me and I wanted something to represent me – something I created. Similarly, I began to design my own shirts branded with fivethirteen. I used to say “DIY til I die” a lot because I printed my own shirts by hand. I would rather wear something I made with my name on it than Nike. It’s literally free advertising. #itsallmathematics #fivethirteen


Taylor Dall is the Owner & CEO of EMCEE and the Co-Owner and Director of A&R of DallRae Music, a licensing placement company.

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